Thursday, 3 July 2008


Perusing the World Wide Web this morning, drinking mugs of freshly brewed coffee, I came across Wordle over at Rachael Rabbit.

I had to have a go...

I entered my blog URL and this is what came up:

I like it! It satisfies the missing random element to my way of thinking! If you click on it you can enlarge it - it just went all blurry when I tried to make it bigger. Now I've got to try and include it on my sidebar...


  1. I had a quick go at this. It's really fascinating isn't it? I'll have another go with it a bit later on.

  2. You did better than me - I couldn't make it work!

  3. This is such fun....and it's great playing with a list of words too, especially as my blog url was a bit disappointing. I've wasted loads of time this afternoon.....when I should have been working!

  4. I love this - thanks for sharing - I'm off to see if it will work for me!

  5. looks like fun - I can't resist having a play! BTW love strawberry pics in your last post - I hope your netting works at keeping off the mysterious nibbler - who knows it could be a hedgehog! Amy and I planted 1 strawberry plant earlier this year but it's only just about to flower - here's hoping we get strawbs as yummy as yours!

  6. It's a fabulous concept, but I've tried 4 times now, and every time it made my Firefox crash :-( Maybe it works better with IE?



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