Friday, 3 October 2008

Fresher's Week...

So, here we are at Friday already...where on earth did that week go?

My first week at uni is over and it is official: I am now a student! I have attended lectures and seminar groups. I have stood in various queues for over 3 hours to register. I have had 120 new faces flashed in front of me...many of which haven't registered at all, while others have become familiar and comforting in the process of getting to know what to do and when to do it.

I have explored our campus and the neighbouring site for the other faculties. One of our first tasks was to make a 3D map of the facilities available to students and then we had to design and print a poster advertising specific facilities - my group had environmental issues. The week has had a definite focus on team-building and we have been put into groups at any given opportunity.

We have been encouraged to take lots of photos of everything - so my blogging instincts will serve me well! Today, we had to make a collage of our learning journey timeline, but without using glue. The idea? To recycle...we created the collage, took a photo, then put all the resources back for use again! Impressed? I was! The idea being, whatever would we have done with the collage?

An unexpected bonus of my course is that it is a requirement to blog! Good job then, that I've had lots of practice! I've now got a blog set up on the university's studynet site, where I will be expected to keep a record of my experience there. It isn't public, except within the university, but, no doubt, I will be posting the highs and lows of my new path here regularly, along with my usual ramblings.

The thing I've found hardest this week is the attitude of some of the students. The age range on my course is huge - I'm not the oldest! Dare I say, the younger students seem to want to chat the whole way through seminars and it is a real distraction. At least I'm not alone in feeling a slight annoyance - it has become a common thread of conversation between us 'oldies'! Are we too grumpy? I hope not.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and hope to be able to relax a bit...maybe do some crochet or knitting...a lie-in on Sunday will be most welcome...

Sorry the photos are a bit boring...grey days around the campus..note the environment theme!


  1. That's a very full-on first week, sounds like you've taken it in your stride. I love your finished scarf - beautiful pattern. Enjoy your peaceful weekend, and the lie-in. I'm hoping for the same!
    D x

  2. Well done you! You've made it through your first week, meeting the other students and it sounds like you have settled into a nice group. Enjoy your time at Uni and have a lovely lie-in this weekend.

  3. I am so excited for you. Just the pictures of the campus give me thrills (that is how sad I am!)

    The complaint about the attitude of younger students is quite common but you must remember that they have been in the academic environment all their lives. They have perfected techniques for achieving results while living their lives. They are also learning skills that you take for granted - being away from home, levels of sleep deprivation, laundry, eating unsupervised. It is all part of the uni experience!

  4. Congratulations on a very busy and successful first week! And two blogs--wow--I'm having trouble keeping up with one at the moment! K x

  5. I am glad you have settled in nicely, I remember my daughters first time at Uni, she said it was a mass of faces with lots to take in at first till you settle. Enjoy. Julie

  6. I am confirmed now in my belief that I am going to enjoy this journey with you.

    I feel as though we will be learning new things as you do.

  7. It's not boring! It's exciting. I'd been wondering how you got on - so pleased to hear it went well.

    By half term, you're going to be so 'old hand' at the campus and faces - hard to believe now, but you will.

    Enjoy your restful weekend. x

  8. Sounds exciting..well done on your first week and the collage without glue is interesting!..I like you us a feel for your new journey..looking forward to more! Have a nice sleepin..I've just got up from mine! Gx

  9. what a great first week, and I hope you get your relaxing sunday morning - you deserve it!

  10. I'm glad that you're first week as a student was good (apart from the chatty distractions - I'd find that annoying too!). I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend and enjoyed that lie-in.

  11. Hello. Great to see your update. I don't think the oldies are grumpy, but I guess the younger ones have a different way as Alice C says. But it all sounds great and very very exciting! Don't forget to give us regular updates. Wish we could see your other blog. x

  12. Haha- you're not being grumpy, just a Grown Up! I went on a course a few weeks ago and got really peed off with the younger students giggling and whispering whilst the lecturer was doing her stuff. I really had to refrain from doing my stern look and saying "Some of us are trying to learn!" I remembered just in time that it wasn't a million years ago that I was one of those annoying giggling students as well...oh well.! Glad you're enjoying it sweetie, and the collage idea was inspired!x


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