Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Flower Power...

It is of great comfort that in the midst of turmoil and change, the seasons provide a gentle backdrop of continuity and familiarity.

April is possibly my favourite month of the year in my flowery world as my beloved tulips begin their show.

In November I planted some new ones on my deck, in a colour that I would only possibly ever consider for tulips - apricot. These are Apricot Beauty,  a single early variety. On grey days, they are at their prettiest.

And these are possibly the stars of this year's show - Apricot Parrot. Modestly green while in bud ...

... only to astonish when fully open. Heaven in a tulip.

I could almost believe a garden imp has been out there with his paintbrushes fully loaded with colour.

Welcome pockets of colour that make me smile every time I look at them.


  1. Your tulips look fabulous in those wooden planters - and now I can picture them in situ they look even better to me!

  2. I LOVE how you planted them in crates - they are wonderful. And hoping you're okay.

  3. oh those are just gorgeous. hope everything is ok, flowers have healing powers you know, as does tea and chocolate! take care x

  4. At the risk of repeating what everyone else has just said -I love the crates!

  5. Oh they look gorgeous in the crates. Very Petersham! But worried about the turmoil. Hoping you're okay.

    Love, K x

  6. Beautiful!! Please put your blog background tulip up on Pinterest. I would love to paint it!

  7. It's when I see tulips like those Apricot Parrots that I truly understand tulip mania! Stunning flowers :D

  8. Wow, those parrot tulips are incredible - truly heaven in a tulip! Hope they continue you to make you smile through your changing times x


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