Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Right now...

  • I am enjoying this tiny bit of sunshine we have had in the last couple of days and the way it make the colour of the flowers in the garden more intense.

  • I am making room in my day for a little meditative knitting and my new shawl is coming on very nicely.

  • I am reading this, as recommended by Nancy, and am loving it already and I'm only a couple of chapters in. It fits in beautifully with Sue's post about the very same subject.

  • I am embracing new colours on my feet.

  • I am machine-quilting my first queen-sized quilt. My arms are killing me.

  • I am rewarding myself with jugfuls of daisies that have mysteriously appeared all over my front garden. Thank you Mother Nature.


  1. The colours in your shawl really are perfect. And I love the daisies, I have some too (but mine are in a jam jar). A happy post methinks x

  2. Ooh, I have some nail varnish that colour some where. Must dig it out. Fab quilt.

  3. Your right now sounds perfect. Your shawl is gorgeous and that granny quilt is beautiful!

  4. So much going on over here. Your shawl is coming on mighty quickly, it's going to be gorgeous when you're done. Love that quilt, and so pleased to hear you are doing it by machine .. imagine the work otherwise.

    Hope all is well with you, blue-toed one!!

  5. Such beautiful pictures - and lovely words too. Your quilt is gorgeous. x

  6. wonderful colourful pictures Tracy - just what we need with the sun in short supply! The shawl is looking gorgeous - I keep fondling my 'party shoes' yarn - it's so soft, so the shawl you're making will be beautiful to wear when it's done. The quilt is fab - I love the design with colours on a white background - really beautiful.


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