Saturday, 7 July 2012

The beauty of wood...

Kew Gardens in July - Part Two

I'd been looking forward to seeing the David Nash sculptures in situ since we happened upon the set-up a couple of months ago.

I absolutely love the Ent-like nature of these branches striding through his wood quarry.

As imposing as the larger sculptures look outside in the gardens:

 I think they really come into their own inside the glasshouses, nestled in amongst the ferns and foliage:


  1. I've really enjoyed these last two posts :D

    The David Nash pieces are spectacular! Sad for me that I'm not likely to get to London to see them any time soon. We never miss Kew when we're in town.

  2. you're right, I love the way they look nestled in the foliage. and fascinating to see some in progress.

  3. The gardens look beautiful! How lucky you are to have a membership!

  4. Wow they definitely look like Ents! What a lovely addition to Kew and it will be interesting to see how the sculptures change and weather in time.

  5. If there's one thing more inspring than the beauty of nature's raw materials, it is man's creative ability to work with them. Beautiful pictures.


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