Thursday, 23 August 2012

Six weeks, six things...

  • Oof! Time slipped away for a while there, as is its wont.  I went on holiday and loved having the Mediterranean outside my back door.

We wore our TeamGB bracelets with pride, although I have to confess that I was one of the few who wasn't glued to the box throughout the two weeks. I loved the Opening Ceremony, was slightly disappointed with the Closing Ceremony and got way too excited over the 10m platform diving events. I blame my sister. My niece and nephews are the diving stars in the family and it all got a bit contagious!

  • My garden has been my obsession this summer and I am reaping the rewards of the many hours of pottering around out there. I think these mosaics give some idea of what's been happening. The colour is just glorious.

I've been unlucky again with Mr Fox but have just bought another small flock of hens. I cannot bear the garden without them; it just seems empty. They aren't quite used to me yet and tend to scarper as soon as approach but I spend a little time each day having a chat (as you do) and I know they will soon settle in. I'm thrilled to have finally got some that will (hopefully) lay me some blue eggs.

  • My cutting patch is a complete success and I have had my own cut flowers around the house for over 3 months now. At one point, I counted 14 jars, jugs and vases in the house. Admittedly, some only had one stem in, but still! It feels very indulgent to have fresh flowers in my bedroom! I found this pretty coloured vase in the charity shop in my town centre this week - I love the way it highlights the pink flowers.

  • I am looking forward to a small harvest of tomatoes again this year. Other than some herbs, they are the only edible crop I have grown. Apart from some golden cherry tomatoes which are in a hanging basket, the rest are in the greenhouse and are in desperate need of some sun to ripen them up. This is a black cherry variety.

  • I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of days out over the summer too. A fruit-picking trip resulted in some yummy blackcurrant jam being made, a disaster in the red currant jelly area and a couple of bags of red and white currants in the freezer for later.

  • Finally, the bad news. I have a prolapsed cervical disc and have been in agony for over four weeks now. I can't sew or knit or, well, do anything much really. Even the jam-making was tricky! For the last couple of days, I've been trying to get this post written as well as tidying up my blog (what do you think? better? worse?) but sitting at the computer isn't the best position and it makes my shoulders scream after a little while so I have to wander off and come back to it. I'm finding the hammock a comfortable place to be, so life is tolerable!

I am on a scary amount of pain-killers and am anxiously waiting to see my consultant again next Wednesday to decide on a plan of treatment. In the meantime, No2 has become proficient with the hoover and I am just taking it slowly. The hammock is calling ...


  1. I like the new look very much - clean and fresh.

    My tomatoes are all green still - although growing well. They need a session under a sunbed!

    Your hammock looks blissful - I am glad there is somewhere that is comfortable at the moment. N xx

  2. Oh that view is amazing. And so are your flowers--and tomatoes! I'm so impressed.

    Such a gorgeous and inviting hammock--and it definitely sounds like the place to be at the moment. Hope your consultant has some good treatment ideas and you're feeling better very very soon. Thinking of you.

    K x

  3. Your garden, and your flowers, are glorious, and oh how I envy you those chooks!

    The blog is looking great, but can I suggest you take a bit of width off the main column, it's too wide for my lap top screen (which is pretty wide so I guess I'm not alone in that) and because of the width is jumping about as I type this. I really like your social media etc. icons, and the overall feel is very clean.

    I hope you can get your poor back sorted soon Tracy, you must be in absolute agony. I'd take up residence in that hammock if I were you. Hugs x

  4. oohh i am very jealous of your cutting patch, tomatoes and hammock - what a lovely things to brighten your day. I am not so jealous of your horrid disc issue, I do hope they get something sorted to help you get better soon, living with pain it no fun at all xxx

  5. I love the new look - so fresh and clean as others have said.

    I can only begin to imagine the pain you have been in - I am grateful that you have had those beautiful flowers - not a distraction maybe but a tonic?


  6. looking forward to hearing about the first blue egg! take care of that neck xxx

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you are in. I hope it gets better very soon. Loving all your photos!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  8. There you are! Another vote from me for the blog refurb. Very envious of your flowerful garden (mostly green and brown here), that hammock and the vacuuming boy. Hope you get the health issue sorted soon.

  9. I'm loving the new blog look (nice large font - very easy on the eye - goodness than makes me sound old!) and your cutting patch really has been wonderful. Mine had some success but plenty of failures too. Try again next year!
    And so sorry to hear about your neck - sounds dreadful. How did you do it?

  10. Ouch to the prolapsed cervical disc and 'oh no' to the hens - Mr fox needs a good old boot to his backside! But to have the Med on your doorstep and 'oh' that hammock - such bliss.

    I hope all will work out - back and hens - in the end.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

    ps. love the new blog look btw.

  11. Having the Mediterranean outside the front door sounds heavenly. What a gorgeous spot to relax that hammock looks, by the sounds of things you need to. Take it easy x

  12. Amazing pictures! I love the new look blog. Very jealous of the hammock!! Hope you're feeling better very soon :)

  13. I am ready for you to publish your next book. The large, coffee table tome full of your glorious photos of flowers, craft and domesticity. Yes?

    Will sit and send some freaky healing vibes later today. Overdue, but somehow yesterday got away from me. xoxoxo

  14. oh dear! that sounds horrible (not the son with the hoover... that sounds brilliant!)...

    hope you get better soon


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