Friday, 26 October 2012

A Textured Shawl...

I finally finished the knitting project I cast on way back in the summer while I was on holiday in Majorca. The one that got put on hold when I slipped the disc in my neck and the one that I now cannot wait to drape around my shoulders now that the evenings have got chilly.

I used the Suri merino yarn that was specified in the pattern and it is simply the softest, most beautiful yarn I have ever worked with.

The stitch definition is gorgeous, in spite of it being the tiniest bit fluffy. I particularly love the textured part of the pattern.

My faithful model, Mrs Jennings, is *ahem* a little skinnier than me and so she needs it folded above her neck a little. I blocked it (something I rarely do) as the textured parts did draw the shawl in a tad and  it is now pleasingly triangular. This yarn has a fabulous drape to it.

I bought the pin at Loop earlier in the year, knowing that I had a couple of shawl-type projects in the pipeline. I may have to re-watch Cranford in this now and feel very much in character.

All details Ravelled here.

What's on your needles?


  1. Beautiful m'dear, in fact it's bloomin' fabulous. I feel warm just looking at it :D

  2. Goodness, what fuzzy gloriousness. I can picture you snuggled up in it - just right for the grey chill today.

  3. That is gorgeous. The yarn, the colour, everything....

  4. Oooh Tracy, it is gorgeous - you can tell it's wonderfully soft too. It would be perfect for Cranford (I am now a devotee after the recommendation from you and Emma). That pin is rather special too. On my needles at the moment are rather too many things (I seem to be starting many more projects than I'm finishing right now). Almost finished on the shalom jumper though, which is good news considering the change in the weather! Hope you get the chance to walk out in your shawl over the weekend, maybe during calling hours?

  5. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I love it, you clever lady.
    Anne xx

  6. Very very lovely! I love the shape - and it looks practical while still being very stylish!
    Definitely a patten to put on the 'to knit' list.

  7. Ohmygosh - that's beautiful!!! I love the color and the pattern is so beautiful! Well Done!!!

  8. A truly beautiful shawl and a luscious colour too!

  9. What a perfect combination of colour, yarn and pattern. It looks so warm and cuddly :o)

  10. Mrs Jennings looks very snug in your gorgeous shawl. Nothing on the needles here but I'm working up to casting on another cowl.

  11. Sooo gorgeous! I've been admiring that very shade of Suri Merino on the shelf for ages. Now seeing your beautiful shawl I'm even more tempted--eeek! K x


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