Wednesday, 31 October 2007

All Hallow's Even...

We had a suitable welcome for our Trick or Treaters tonight

The photo doesn't really give any clue about size BUT, the one on the left was grown by me and is roughly the size of a (wonky) football!

I have a HUGE stock pot of pumpkin soup from this book cooling down on the garden table for a Hallowe'en Party at school tomorrow. Hope I remember to bring it in later!

Chicken Update... I think I've had a soft egg. At least there's a soggy, speckled thing flopped through the roosting bars!! I sort of need some eggs to do some cooking and I'm reluctant to buy any now! Maybe I should, just to get the ball rolling...


  1. Lovely pumpkins!

    I hardly dare ask - but what's a soft egg? Actually, I think can can imagine - does it mean real eggs are coming soon? I know nothing about chickens!


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