Sunday, 28 October 2007

Getting through the list...

It's been a very productive weekend... I have had the house to myself, so it's been all about ME!

All the aprons are finished. The embroidered vegetables are nicely raised for the children in my class to feel as well as look at. It's good for them to have objects of reference for each activity and I think these will fit the bill nicely.

The thing that kept me going was this

And these

Recipe courtesy of Elinor. This is what I have grown to love about blogging - following a thread and being so delighted with the outcome.

The Girls seem to have settled in nicely. They have both let me feed them with a bit of grass through the run - a good sign, apparently. Pippin (chocolate lab) and Barney (Border terrier) are both completely obsessed with them and keep patrolling the run. Needless to say, Lily and Flossie just look at them with disdain! That's my girls!!


  1. Your embroidery is gorgeous. And is that a Sophie Conran mug? Her serving bowls are on my wish list for Christmas.

  2. Thank you!
    Her WHOLE range is on my wish list!

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  4. ohmigosh that embroidery is really beautiful - i love the openess(?) of the stitches - the spaces between - my mom taught me to embroider a little - but i love this look. and veggies too - how cute for summer (and kids!).


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