Monday, 19 November 2007

Photo catch-up...

I've had these photos ready to post for a week or so.
These are a couple of the stained glass pieces I made in the summer

I have a bit of a turtle thing going on in my downstairs loo(!), with some beautiful carved wall-hangings and an old map of Barbados, where I had the most amazing swim with some 4' leatherback turtles a few years ago. So this little one looks just right hanging in the window.

Meanwhile, back in the chicken house...still no eggs. Lily is now 22 weeks old, so should start laying any time. Or so I'm led to believe. She has got bright red wattles now, which is supposed to be a good sign too. They both love exploring the garden, hot on my heels when I'm out there.

They tuck into all our kitchen scraps, so I'm loving not throwing anything away anymore. After nearly 4 weeks, I still have one dog who is totally obsessed with them...
My workshop on Saturday was uplifting. It was really well thought out and the conversations were flowing and honest. I came away feeling as though the faith that I have in myself is a good thing. We talked about some pretty big questions concerning the World View... I wasn't really sure what exactly that was (still not fully comprehending, but hey...). Anyway, I met some lovely new people, was given a couple of new book titles (already ordered on Amazon!) and have signed up for a retreat!


  1. Your stained glass is absolutely beautiful - you are clever!

    I'm glad the workshop was a success too.

  2. hello x
    just found the time to pop over and say hello x
    firstly - i am so sorry for your loss, no words to add except i send you heaps of hugs and support xx

    philip has gone to france for a while but i know that he will miss all the blog friends he has made - i will miss him too, thankfully he does have a phone so i can keep checking in x

    your stained glass is beautiful - i would love to have a go - i will add it to the list!!
    take care of yourself and speak soon

    tracy x

  3. Hello, just read your comment on 4 Weddings on Dottycookies' blog and it made me smile-'Why be dull' would have been my next favourite line, alone with the wry smile from darling Fee...
    I love your stained glass, it is yet another thing on my 'to learn' list. I choose that rather than a 'to do' list as sounds like much more fun than hoovering, cleaning the pipes behind the sink etc. Your blog has sent tingles down my spine, and I send you warmest heartfelt wishes.


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