Thursday, 22 January 2009

What's on mine...

I have thoroughly enjoyed nosing about this week at the bedside tables around Blogland, so I thought I'd join in.

Mine seems to be dominated by my iLuv, which plays my iPod when I get the chance to have a lie-in or go to bed just to listen to some music. Both are quite rare occurrences at the moment. I have to tell you though, that for a digital clock it keeps appalling time and I can't bear the alarm noise. I'm bored of keep changing it, so keep my mobile beside me for both the time and my alarm now. But I do like the fact that you can dim the display right down so the light doesn't disturb you.

Tucked on the back corner is a little collection of 'stuff'. The camper van (I think it's Karrymore from Cars) was bought for me by my friend's little boys for my birthday last year. They know I want a real camper van and thought this one would tide me over. There is a piece of crystal, the name of which I've forgotten, but was given to me by a friend of a friend to help healing. The rose quartz heart is one of a pair. The other one is hidden underground here. The sea glass and shells were collected by No2 last summer in Wales and put next to my bed when I wasn't looking.

Bookwise, there is Dear Fatty by Dawn French - hilarious! And Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling - children's literature log reading. Then there is a basket of assorted creams for hands and feet of which I always say I will use religiously everynight to combat dry skin, but fail to miserably. Even leaving one out of the basket doesn't remind me - this one is Origins Reinventing the Heel.

On the shelf underneath are more books, both read and to be read. The drawer is a motley assortment of homeopathic remedies and notepads and pens pilfered from various hotels. Always handy for writing a shopping list at 3 in the morning...


  1. you made me laugh about the hand and foot creams.

    Me too!

  2. how lovely to have such special treasures by the bed with you.

  3. It all looks very tidy, I must say. What's on my bedside table? An absolute mess!

  4. I can do matchy/matchy with your phone!

  5. I love your collection of rocks. We have a love of rocks and sticks here too.

  6. Yours is far tideier than mine! And lovely interesting things too.

    My foot cream habit usually lasts about 3 days - enough to see an improvement and you'd think that would spur me on to continue, but no. In fact, now you've reminded me, I'm going to put some on!

  7. so it's not just me that steals pens then...
    I too have a camper van in miniature. Mine's orange. One day I hope to have a biger version!x


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