Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dipping my toe back in...

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

My New Year resolution? To get back to blogging, of course. I've missed it, but it just kept slipping to the back of the line.

As a quick catch-up, here's a list of what has kept me from posting over the last 5 or 6 (5 or 6???!!! oh, the shame...) weeks:

  • 2 more assignments...handed in...quite pleased with...Maths and English...handed back at the beginning of February.

  • first school placement...loved every minute...not scared of Year 6 anymore...will return in April for another 5 weeks.

  • Christmas! I was totally unprepared until the day I broke up from uni, but by some miracle, managed to pull it off and feed 20 for lunch on Christmas Day...don't ask!

  • The addictive nature of SingStar on PS3...I'll have you know, that I am the top score for Fernando...and I can't sing a note...more on this later...

  • A trip into town to see the lights...2 adults, 6 children...only one thing for Hollywood...(not too much wine, I am a responsible adult, after all!)

  • Cleaning...yuk!...copious amounts needed after taking down the decorations. Something that I have quietly neglected on any semblance of a regular basis since starting uni...something had to give, didn't it?

  • Yarn-love...I have managed to complete my third Syd rabbit. I don't think I posted about #2, it was way back in August, I think. But, #3 is for this new baby boy.

I start back at uni on Monday with 3 new modules to start - Enquiry through Science, Our World and Inspiring Creativity and Imagination. To say I can't wait is an understatement.

I won't go mad on this first post of 2009 for fear of early burn-out, but I'm glad to be back and let me assure you that I have been reading your blogs and will, I promise, get back into commenting.


  1. Hi!
    I know that you have been happy and busy - and then happy and busy some more. Good to hear that everything is going so well.
    Loving that cheeky rabbit!

  2. Good grief woman. Lunch for 20?? I don't think I know 20 people. And they certainly wouldn't fit in my house for lunch. Unless it was done picnic style on the floor...
    Am delighted that your course is going well, you thoroughly deserve to be loving every second of it. Yay you!
    Will let you get back to the dusting...heehee

  3. Hi Tracy, Never too late to say Happy New Year! Hope 2009 is a wonderful one for you. Great to see a post here, but more importantly, that life is good and you're clearly enjoying yourself.
    D x

  4. I'm with Anna, lunch for 20, are you crazy, I don't have that many plates!!!!
    so lovely to hear all your catching news, glad everything is going so well. happy new year, hope it brings you much joy.

  5. It's so good to hear from you - had assumed (rightly it seems) that life was just hectic. But it's great to hear you sounding like you're enjoying it.

    And 20 people??!

  6. I'm glad you're still around, and that you survived the big class! It does sound fabulous, if hectic!

    I hope you didn't spend your *entire* holiday cooking and cleaning ;-)

  7. Yay! So good to 'see' you - I too had thought of you over Christmas and wondered how things were. Cooking for 20 though? Good grief woman, here's a medal.

    Lovely bunny - what with the blanket, that is one lucky little fellow.

    Happy New Year. x

  8. That's so impressive - lunch for 20 after such a full term - happy new year to you and yours, it's never too late to wish that :o)

  9. I'm still so impressed with all the wonderful work you're doing. And it sounds like you're enjoying every minute of it!

    I can't believe how much you did over the holidays. I didn't accomplish nearly so much, and I didn't have any classes to attend or assignments to hand in!

    It's so lovely to have you back :)

    K x

  10. So glad you are back,,,

    though how you have the energy for all of this is amazing to me!!

  11. hi Happy New Year.

    I am so glad you are back. 6 or 7 weeks - that's nothing it took me 10 months to start again!!! How on earth did you cope cooking for 20 - are you superwoman in disguise???

    The rabbit is fab. happy blogging and hope you enjoy it back at Uni.

    take care


  12. great to hear from you again! You sound happy (busy, but happy) and that is what counts the most!!!

    May you have a fantastic 2009!!!

  13. Happy New Year! It is lovely to have you back.

  14. 20!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to you xx
    t x


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