Friday, 17 April 2009


My Easter break in Wales was just lovely. We stayed in this wonderful cottage: good friends, lots of laughter, fabulous views and plenty to do.

The beaches on The Gower are to die for and the walks along the clifftops are breath-taking.

There are rockpools to investigate...

...and churches hidden high up in the woods overlooking the beach.

There are castles to explore...

...with more stunning scenery...

There are targets to aim for...

...and full moons to gaze in wonder at.

You can have fun with long shadows made in the late afternoon sun...

...and then come back, light a fire, open a bottle of wine, put some music on and spend the evening in the best of company.

Lovely. Sigh...


  1. Someone very nearly hit the bullseye!

    Looks like a lovely place to spend your days.

  2. I am so glad you had what I suspect was a much needed break.


  3. wonderful, I hope you are relaxed and happy and recuperated xx

  4. Looks like the perfect holiday in every way! Hope you're feeling completely relaxed and revived.

    K x

  5. It sounds like sheer bliss!!!

  6. Hurray! A perfect combination of peaceful days and adventurous outings. What a lovely holiday.

  7. Oh, it sounds perfect. The Gower is somewhere I fully intend to see again. I loved it as a teenager, haven't been in WAY too long! x

  8. Sigh indeed! Looks heavenly! x


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