Monday, 20 April 2009

Scratch 'n' sniff...

If only you could smell my wisteria. I wish I could share it. Bottle it, maybe.

It's divine.

It always flowers quite early and unfortunately I don't get to enjoy it so much as the weather is usually dull. Thank goodness for cameras and blogs!


  1. I love the hint of yellow at the throat of each flower. Lovely.

  2. That's so beautiful. And I'm sure it's looking lovely today with the sunshine and blue skies. Perhaps we need to develop a scratch-and-sniff blog! K x

  3. gorgeous.
    scratch and sniff would be great for all the baking in blogland too xxxxxxx

  4. Lovely. Ours was glorious last year, but seems to have reverted to loads of leaf and a few flowers again this year. But I suppose each one is all the more precious for it's scarcity.

  5. OOOO smells good.
    Very nice photos


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