Friday, 8 May 2009

Pattern and texture...

Our day at the zoo last week was wonderful. The sun shone all day and we strolled from one species to another. I have hundreds of photos of all the animals we've seen at the zoo over the years. Armed with my camera, this year, I thought I would look in more detail at what we were seeing.

I loved the mosaics I made last year, so I've made some more using the patterns and textures we spotted.

There is a new Animal Adventure area (you can tunnel under into the meerkat pen and pop your head up in a perspex dome in the middle of the pen - how cool is that?) and texture plays a big part in the design. It was all very tactile: I wanted to get down and touch this floor.

And these willow sculptures were so organic - I'd love some in my garden.

OK, just one animal shot - here's a gorilla with a shared interest!


  1. It's ages since we've been to the zoo; the school are off to Whipsnade in June and I am very envious!

  2. The mosaics of those textures and patterns are so good and ever so slightly creepy! Brilliant!

  3. Your animal mosaics are incredible!

    Hang loose.

  4. Oooh, I love those texture/pattern collages - gorgeous. I was just saying to the kids today that we should maybe hit a wildlife park but I was met with overwhelming negativity on the idea. Ho hum. x


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