Monday, 28 September 2009

Here come the girls...

Just a quick post to share some more crochet!

Having been monopolised by the onset of boys all through the summer, I had a nice excuse and a break from blue, with a birthday present for my friend's daughter. She's not really a girlie-girl, so what could be better than pink dinosaurs?

The triceratops is made with Rowan Big Wool using a whopping 7mm hook and the stegasaurus is using hand-dyed malabrigo worsted weight yarn that I bought in Loop a while back.

Patterns from here. Apparently, she loves them!


  1. Argh, they're so cute. If I wasn't acutely aware that I really don't need crochet dinosaurs, you know I'd be off buying wool ...

  2. And so she should - they are the height of fabulousness.

  3. Beautiful vibrant colours! Of course she liked them!!! x

  4. They are super. I'm trying to justify why I might need some pink dinosaurs...

  5. Super-cute...just the thing for carrying around in little hands.

  6. So fabulous! And what a super idea to do them in pink. K x


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