Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Henri Elephant...

In the next 3 months there are 3 baby boys being born. (I can't quite get my head round this idea of having to know what you're going to have!) Time to get busy then...

My bookshelf has been rifled through (I have been on orders to make something funky!) and yarn has been bought.

A few afternoons sitting in the sun later (where did that go?) and Henri Elephant is born, just in time for the first arrival which is due at the beginning of July.

The pattern is from this book and is really easy - just lots of double-crochet, apart from a miss one dc, ch 1, dc in next stitch which adds an interesting texture to his blanket.

I love all the little details, like the tassels on the blanket and the star. It's good to know how to crochet a star - I can feel all sort of other reasons to make them...

I've got until the end of August to make at least one more and another little something for the middle of September.

In the meantime, more yarn has been purchased and I'll give you a teeny glimpse then spill the beans in my next post...


  1. Oh, he's lovely! Perfect for little hands; and it's refereshing to see a lovely woolly toy that will work for boys. There are lots of pink angels and unicorns and the like for girls ... but then a little Henrietta would be fab for a girl too, no?

  2. What a lovely toy - I do think elephants are special - great colour choices and I love that textured stitch on the blanket

  3. He certainly fits the cute and funky brief - love the colours you've used.

  4. How absolutely wonderful! I've made a knit elephant before, but now I want to make a crocheted one. Must learn to crochet! K x

  5. he's fantastic, what a fantastic gift, what book is he is, no don't tell me I'm not allowed to buy anymore books, no do tell me, maybe the library will have it.......

  6. Love your lovely Debbie Bliss wool! What gorgeous colours. I love the elephants sooo cute.


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