Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer cushion...

When I was sitting out in the garden yesterday, I realised that I hadn't posted about a crochet project that I'd finished some time ago. Those with eagle eyes may have spotted it on the sunbed next to me.

It was totally inspired by Lucy's Granny's Flower Patch over at Attic 24. I needed just one more cushion to fit my garden furniture so it was the perfect project. I started it way back at the beginning of spring and it was a great project to pick up and put down as each piece took no time at all to make.

I used Rowan's handknit cotton, which has the most amazing colour palette and a couple of Debbie Bliss cotton dk to get some extra pinks in.

I also used an old jumper that I'd ruined in the wash as the back. It was the perfect colour. I might even get round to putting some buttons on to fasten it one day...


  1. it's lovely, I had spied it, and admired it (rather jealously.......) my new garden is going to need one of those, must make sure I dont pack my crochet hooks yet!

  2. Yes I had spotted it amongst all the garden loveliness! And gorgeous it is too! Now I'm even more convinced you have the perfect garden... K x

  3. ohh -i have not been by for awhile and look what i can see ... fantastic, fantastic yarny goodness and such a pretty garden x
    enjoy :)
    t x

  4. Beautiful SO neat, I wish mine was!

  5. Really really pretty. I started trying to make one of these but mine was nothing like as lovely as yours.


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