Thursday, 26 March 2009

The healing power of yarn...

When you can't sleep or concentrate on studying, there is always yarn to keep your mind focused and stop you going insane. Over the last couple of weeks my hands have been busy.

There has been a cushion finished for No2's bedroom. You may recall the granny squares being started for another project.

I fancied a stripey back and I am so pleased with it - I think I prefer it to the front!

Just add some big, chunky buttons and you're done.

There have been an assortment of hats made - both knitted and crocheted...

There is a crochet cushion WIP for my garden, inspired by this one and to coordinate with these.

On the needles right now is a scarf that is perfect for the spring, that I spotted here.

Of course, knitting with the cutest needles always helps...


  1. I like the back of the cushion too! I like the front as well though. The wool you are using for the scarf is beautifully coloured. I bet it is a treat to work with.

  2. I love the cushion-front and back. You can change it daily which ever mood you are in!
    Such lovely coloured yarns you have.

  3. Beautiful colors, I like both sides.

  4. I love both sides of the cushion ... which side does No.2 like best?

    That spring scarf is wonderful colours - so pretty.

    Yarn and fabric should perhaps be prescribed on the NHS? ;-)


  5. Both sides of the cushion are fab!

    Must try doing a granny square. But I think I've now forgotten everything I learned in my crochet class...

    Those needles are indeed cheery. Much more inspiring than the boring gray plasticy ones I'm using at the moment!

    K x

  6. making things is always so therapeutic, and the colours are

  7. I like the cushion back too!

    And now I have serious neddle envy. Sigh.

  8. What soothing yarny goodies! I got some of those needles just the other day...they make me smile just looking at them!
    D x

  9. The cushions are absolutely gorgeous. Such lovely colours. I hope they have been as healing as you had hoped and things are looking up.
    Rest is good. Try and take some time out for yourself.

  10. I am also into granny-squares these days, making a lot of them..but so far no pillows. What a good idea...and what a greate idea to make two different sides, one back and one front. Yours are wonderful, love them!!!
    This is my first visit to your blog. And I`ll be back!

    Tussilago in Norway

  11. gorgeous! all of it.

    I want a cushion like that.

  12. I love the cushion. It is beautiful


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