Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Just because...

** Three things that have made me happy today **

** Tiny narcissi buds with perfect raindrops **

** Pale daffodils on my kitchen windowsill **

** The consistant cheeriness of winter pansies **

Let's make it five...

** Pippin looking particularly handsome **

(before he got himself in disgrace, stealing doritos from the chickens)

** Tiny, tiny violets braving it behind the eglu **


  1. Beautiful photos Tracy - really lovely. x

  2. What gorgeous photos, and Pippin is indeed looking very handsome (poor chickens!). K x

  3. Lovely set of happy pics. I particularly like the narcissi bud with the raindrop. And lovely Pippin, with his rich chocolatey colour, and those eyes....I'm a sucker for a handsome dog, especially of the retriever/lab variety!

  4. really lovely! especially that raindrop xx

  5. The raindrop picture is stunning!!! Pippin is a handsome dog indeed and I don't blame him for stealing the chickens Doritos's! Do they have a preference for any particular flavour?!!!

  6. Gorgeous the reflection in the raindrop..beautifully captured!
    Pippin is so cute..I have a 4 legged boy who loves the chook scraps too! :D

  7. There is something wonderfully uplifting about the fresh yellow of daffodils - it never fails to lift the spirits.

  8. Look at those beautiful brown eyes. I find it very hard to believe that he disgraced himself at all.

  9. I love daffodils - they are so happy and sunny. Pippin not only looks handsome but also very innocent - I can't believe he would steal from the chickens ;-)

  10. Thanks for the photos, I need a little ray of sunshine today!


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