Monday, 22 June 2009

Sunday Recipe...

Somewhere along the line, there has been a decision made that 'we' - me and my two sisters - will do Sunday lunch on a rota. Funny, I wasn't there as part of the decision-making team, but while it's summer and we can be outside, I'm happy to be part of the plan. That means that every third week I have to cook for 15. Although with a friend of No2's plus an unexpected visit from my cousin, it ends up being 17! I find myself a bit twitchy with routines now. I don't like being tied down to stuff, particularly family stuff. I'm aware that I don't often write of my family here. There's a big gaping hole in my family so I find it hard to be part of the family scene now.

Yesterday, it was my turn...again. Fathers Day, as it happens. My Mum insists on taking a photo of my Dad surrounded by his three daughters. He looks nonplussed and we look amused.

I spend the morning preparing food. I like doing that bit. Nothing particularly special, just BBQ-ed sausages and burgers, some salad stuff. Homemade pudding - apricot crumble, made with fresh apricots but with no almonds on top because my sister has a nut allergy, which is a shame because apricots and almonds are great together!

Everyone turns up and we eat our way through an outdoor feast. The children play football on the grass and there's a bit of a fight with No2 and one of his cousins! Beer and rosé wine are drunk merrily and my brother-in-law has me and my sisters in stitches at some very rude jokes, out of earshot of the children! And my Mum!

Before we know it it is teatime and so get stuck into a Victoria Sponge and some banana and cinnamon muffins (all part of the morning's work). Everyone leaves complaining of having eaten too much! I put the dishwasher on for the second time and crash on the sofa. No2 asks why I want to go to bed at 9.45pm - he doesn't get that entertaining is tiring but likes the fact that there has been a full house for the day.

The other crucial ingredients are balmy weather, pink geraniums giving the deck fabulous pools of colour, carefully picked music on the iPod dock and a bright pink tablecloth...apparently!


  1. Oh it all sounds fabulous! And I'm so impressed--I've never cooked for more than four--and I find that exhausting! K x

  2. I really wish my family was less scattered so we could have more regular get togethers. You've made me feel very wistful! It sounds lovely.

  3. I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if I had to cook for 17 every 3 weeks. I am a compulsive over-caterer once the numbers creep above 6.

    Your coleslaw made me feel very hungry indeed.

  4. It sounds wonderful but to be honest I think I'd be glad when all my family had gone home and I could have the place to myself again!!! x

  5. Oh well done you. That must have a cooking and baking marathon. 17? When we're altogether we can get up to 6 tho that's including my father-in-law!

  6. Cooking for 15 every 3 manage to make it sound quite normal and achievable. I would emigrate after the first attempt.

  7. What a crowd! I wish my two sisters lived close enough for some kind of regular gathering, but to feed the hordes every third week might be a bit much!


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