Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Textured cushion...

I am stupidly pleased with my textured cushion of Summer Tweed fame.

I love the texture! And the spiky edging.

I loved just going round and round and round...

I love the way it goes with my Katie Jump Rope quilt.

I closed it with some buttons rather than crocheting it together.

Speaking of love, I'm loving the way my red and turquoise quilt is coming along. Want a sneaky peek?

And lastly, I love cherries...


  1. All so good. You seem to be truly making the most of your Summer.

  2. It all looks wonderful! I love the new red and turquoise quilt. Can't wait to see more! K x

  3. Yummy colours, all of them. I am hoping we get some British cherries in the shops here soon ...

  4. gorgeous cushion!

    and the quilt... gosh you're on fire, lady!!

  5. I am so lusting over these things you are making.

    I may have to commission you.

    Red and turquoise is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.

  6. cushion is super summery - love it!

  7. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! You most definitely should be very pleased with yourself, that cushion is gorgeous! Love the colours, and love the way it goes so beautifully with your gorgeous quilt. Really lovely post today.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  8. I just forgot to say, the red and turquoise! Stunning!
    Love Vanessa xxx(do you mind if i knit)

  9. Happiness has found a texture!


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