Monday, 8 March 2010

One week, ten things...

  • Apologies for not getting round to sharing a bit of borrowed beauty...

...while my parents are staying with me, I have been enjoying the blooms of my Mum's orchids which are residing in my conservatory... there are frilly ones...

...spotty ones...

...yellow ones...

...and white ones.  They seem to be thriving at the moment

  • My day at St Mary's went really well.  I would even go as far as saying that I enjoyed it.  I mean, I don't often get the chance to talk about Tom much anymore, so it was more than welcome as far as I'm concerned.  I spoke to my counsellor today and the feed-back she has received was really positive about my contribution to the lecture.  The Registrars were so nice and they asked me lots of questions - some of which were quite challenging.  I'm happy to do it again in spite of feeling absolutely exhausted by the time I got home.

  • Better late than never, but I have continued to do my 365 Days project over at Flickr and so here is my mosaic for February.

  • I have a new favourite chocolate bar.  It has proved to be elusive, but one of my lovely friends tracked a bar down in Surrey and posted it to me!

  • I also forgot to mention the craft table we did at an Indulgence evening.  I didn't sell One Single Thing!  Never mind.  We managed to get some dates for proper craft fairs!  I didn't really get round to making that much so I'm not as disappointed as I might have been.  I was surprised that anyone could resist this cute pram toy!

  • I need to finish hand-quilting Max's quilt.  I'm half way through and would really like to get it done this week as I am impatient to start my next one!

  • I have discovered Spoonflower.  Dangerous territory.  Believe me.

  • Continuing in the forgetful way that has become the norm at the moment, I also forgot to mention the discovery of the most wonderful haberdashery in Frome, Somerset.  I spent a lovely while browsing through fabrics, buttons and trimmings.

  • Pip has a new girlfriend.  Meet Daisy...

...she has the most expressive ears!  I have a request to make her a jumper - she's a shivery little thing!  Unfortunately, she is not mine.  She belongs to another of my lovely friends.

  • I have almost finished my giveaway amigurumi.  I'm hoping to post it out at the end of the week.


  1. The flowers are beautiful!!!! Can't believe you didn't sell any of those cute little things, I wouldn't have been able to resist if I had a baby to buy for!!

  2. The thought of dark chocolate with raspberries is driving me insane with desire

  3. Such a lovely post. Your Mum has some splendid flowers, real beauties. I am surprised that you didn't sell any of your cute crochet items. They are so well made. I hope you have more success when you do a 'proper' craft fair. I haven't seen that new chocolate bar before and now I must have it! I am glad that things went well for you at St Mary's. x

  4. Surprised that you did not sell any of your lovely work. Obviously the right people were not looking!
    She is a very pretty little dog btw.

  5. Oh Daisy reminds me so much of Bryn, who is very shivery indeed! He wears sweaters and jackets for a good part of the year.

    How could they resist the pram toy? Silly people!

    And so glad the day at St. Mary's went well. Was thinking of you.

    K x

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  7. Blimey ... what a lot you packed in to this post! I'm gobsmacked that you didn't sell anything at that sale ... fingers crossed for the proper craft sales. x

  8. I think I've seen that chocolate in Waitrose, though I'ver resisted temptation ... the white choc with strawberries looks good too.

  9. Oh hello Daisy!
    You are a gorgeous girl, indeed :-)
    I am a big.... no, a BIG fan of whippets having lived with a gorgeous whippet fellow called Sam, back in my childhood - his colouring was just like yours :-)
    One day another whippet will come to live with us... I'm just waiting for the right moment!
    Sending you a big warm hug - hope you get that cosy woolly coat soon,
    Denise x


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