Sunday, 27 March 2011

Not magnolia...

This month's visit to Kew rounded off a whole year of visiting regularly and so we have come the full circle.

I've always been fascinated as to why the ubiquitous, builders choice of paint colour, magnolia, has the most boring of reputations, when in real life magnolia's are anything but boring.

The ones at Kew (and there are many) are dramatic and majestic. Whether it is the tree itself simply because it is huge and therefore very old, like the one above, which coupled with a glorious blue sky only adds to its impact, or the individual flowers below, which are like works of art.

As we strolled along, we suddenly noticed a swathe of lilac colour in the distance and immediately headed over.

The tiniest of flowers, naturalised in the grass...

The membership that I took out will most definitely be renewed and I'm looking forward already to seeing what this year has to offer. Thank you Kristina and Nancy for another wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful photographs, Ms. T! And you have such variety - all of our magnolias are purple-y pink, at least until the white lemon-scented southern magnolias appear in the summertime.

  2. How lovely - I've tried to grow chionodoxa but not nearly on that scale.

    It was so good to see you yesterday. We'll miss you tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful photos. I bet Kew is looking its finest at the moment.

  4. These photos are beautiful. I feel like I'm enjoying spring with you.
    Anne xx

  5. Oh it was a wonderful day! And you snapped such amazing photos. Can't wait till our April blossom visit!

    K x

  6. When I lived in London, the train ride to Kew was a short journey, and I LOVED it there, it's one of the glories of London isn't it. I'll never forget the Dale Chihuly exhibition that was staged all over Kew Gardens, magnificent! Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Beautiful. Thank you for all those wonderful photos.

  8. Just stunning! What's not to love?!


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