Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 – February…

Forgive me from being a day late… the germs have struck again.  On the mend now, though.

:: a big lorry/truck ::

I cheated… it’s a toy I found in the loft!


February - a big truck

:: a big round clock face ::

currently in my garage, but it used to be on the back of my parent’s old house.


February - a big clock face


:: a bridge ::

footbridge linking the hospital buildings at St Mary’s, Paddington


February - a bridge

:: a musical instrument ::

my piano


February - a musical instrument

:: a newspaper headline ::

the most shocking of the month


February - a newspaper headline


:: a park bench ::

at Kew


February - A park bench

:: a postbox ::

I like that this one has GR rather than ER on it


February - a postbox

:: eyes ::

of the puppy dog kind


February - eyes

:: something heart-shaped ::

on my flat white


February - something heart-shaped

:: something red ::

in the Laura Ashley sale


February - something red

:: something with stripes ::

my tea towels


February - something striped

:: your shoes ::

year-round wear, paint-spattered


February - my shoes


Plenty more to see over here and with thanks to Postcards from the PP for giving us the list.


  1. I love your photos and I don't think you were cheating with the truck. That's the fun of this challenge don't you think, our interpretation of the list? Looking forward to your March photos.
    Anne xx

  2. Eek - Feb really got away from me - I only scavenged about half. Must try harder in March...

  3. Fab photos! Proofing got in the way (of most everything) this month. Must have a look at next month's list. Hope you're feeling all-better very soon.

    K x

  4. Great selection of photos. It's fascinating to see everyone's take on this. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Great photos. I've a pair of all year round crocs too!

  6. great hunting I (I cheated a bit too!)

  7. Love your pictures - I did doggy eyes too. Who can resist?

  8. These are fabulous. I love the polaroid effect - could you point me in the right direction - is there a website or tutorial for this or is it super clever Photoshop skills?


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