Saturday, 1 October 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - September

:: back to school ::
No2's tie, found again after a summer spent languishing at the bottom of his bag.

:: the football season ::
goalposts put up again in the park where I walk with Pippin 

:: what's in your bag? ::
not very much, although I have taken to having a bag-within-a-bag for all those annoying small items that clog up the bottom of my handbag. 

:: relaxation ::
this could have been a number of things, but I decided on walking with Pippin as I find it really clears my head.

:: Harvest ::
my own, from my tomato plants. I've been making Jamie Oliver's tomato soup, it's delish.

:: a pile of things ::
offcuts from my quilting project

:: your desk/workspace ::
Hmmm, may need a bit of a sort out ... lots of things on the go here ...

:: a public telephone box ::
quite difficult to find an old-fashioned red one around now

:: something taller than you ::
the oak trees along the footpath I walk with Pippin

:: apples ::
in the orchard at Upton House

:: a road sign ::
in the New Forest

:: a view from above ::
from the terrace at Cliveden, looking down towards the Thames


  1. I was sad to see that a red telephone box had ivy growing over its door and had clearly not been opened for some time. I hope they don't disappear but I can't remember the last time I used one. Must be a good 25 years.

  2. There are still red phone boxes everywhere around here! They are not used and not well maintained in most cases but I am glad they are at least still there!

    Great photos, I've enjoyed seeing them!

  3. I just want to hug that tree and the view of above is astonishingly beautiful, lovely to see the red phone boxes we wusad to have yellow ones or green ones here

  4. Love this collection of pictures. Five telephone kiosks next to the town hall here have been adopted by the council and are listed. No longer used for their original purpose they house art displays. I found a decent picture here:

  5. Great photos, I love the view from above.

  6. Lovely pictures! I miss those phoneboxes!

  7. Great photos - love the one of your tomatoes :-)

  8. I love your photos for September.
    Anne xx

  9. I've really been enjoying the entries everyone has for "a view from above" and yours is stunning! Great photos this time. This list has tended to show folks more personally than some of the prior ones, I've noticed. It's been fun this month!

  10. I love the horse road sign - I should have remembered the village down the road has frog signs! A really lovely mix of photos, E x

  11. What a great selection of photos, my 2 favourites are the oak tree and the phone box. I'm looking forward to doing this again next month.

  12. Beautiful view from above and a workspace like mine....well actually it is probably still a lot more tidy than mine!

  13. Love your tomatoes and apples!

    Pomona x


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