Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In the post...

I succumbed and bought myself a Kindle. I'm very aware that my reading has dropped off to virtually non-existent because I am addicted to technology. I would rather faff around on my phone or my iPad rather than pick up a book.  This hasn't stopped me buying books, it's just that I buy them and tend not to actually read them. I am hoping this will now change.

Yesterday, a tweet came up on my stream that I couldn't ignore - one of Rebecca's beautiful Kindle covers had made an appearance in an Etsy treasury.

I had no resistance and immediately snaffled one up. It came this morning! There are plenty of other gorgeous things in Rebecca's Etsy shop if you fancy something of your own.

It has been a good day for post - I also treated myself to a little fabric stack from Alice at Backstitch.

I have been antipating this vibrant and distinctive collection for some time as I love Geninne's work and have some in my kitchen already.

Maybe I'll make something for the kitchen...

(sorry for terrible photo)


  1. Looks like you have some beautiful goodies. Those bird pictures are VERY pretty!

  2. Oh I love those bird pictures and the fabric. So glad you are pleased with the case and thanks for being my very first Kindle Case customer.

  3. Glad you got a Kindle; you will love it.

    The fabrics are so pretty; I will look forward to seeing what you do with all that loveliness.

  4. that kindle case is gorgeous! and the fabrics. eek, what will you make!!!!

  5. Me too with the lack of reading maybe a Kindle is what I need too. The fabric is delicious.

  6. My daughter was bought a Kindle as a gift - I'm constantly snaffling it after she's gone to bed.

  7. It's beautiful, all of it.

  8. I'm resisting the kindle thing... is it good? worth it? I just love paper so much...

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