Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Right now...

  • I am looking forward to my next knitting project. With thanks to Nancy and Suze for the inspiration.
  • I am feeling that good ache that yoga brings. 

  • I am at a standstill with my current quilting project as I have run out of the white solid. More on order so ready to pounce on the postman.
  • I am drinking my third mug of coffee when I should be thinking about lunch.

  • I am scratching the sewing itch by cutting into my Alegria stack that I mentioned here
  • I am wearing flip-flops even though it is raining.

  • I am keeping an hourly daily vigil on my seedlings, willing them to grow despite the low temperatures. They are responding nicely.
  • I am dreaming of my cutting patch and the thought of having fresh flowers in abundance around the house in a couple of months.

  • I am smiling at the frothiness of the clematis outside the conservatory and loving the lime green stamens against the white of the petals.
  • I am full of emotion at the thought of No2's last day of compulsory education tomorrow. A milestone that is making me sad for some reason.


  1. Lovely post T! Wonder what you'll be tell...I see Quince have just introduced Sparrow in a handful of colours, I was perusing it up this morning, as you do!

  2. Ignore the 'up' in above comment....what was going through my brain as I typed?!

  3. I think right now is pretty good!
    I have a clematis outside my back window and I just love it :)

  4. That organic linen looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. Can't wait to see the Sparrow shawl. The perfect spring-summer project. Now if only our weather would get a bit more spring-summer!

    And love the quilt!

    K x

  6. I've wanted to knit something in linen forever, but could never make my mind up what. Glad the yoga is going well.

  7. I hate waiting for the postie to bring much-anticipated things. I'm waiting for mine to bring some yarn for a project that I've been obsessing about all week but he's been and gone today without it arriving - I hope your postie is more accomodating and brings you your fabric so you can get on with that gorgeous quilt! Beautiful pictures as always. Hope that No 2's last official school day went ok - it is an emotional event and I can understand your feelings xxx


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