Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Linen for spring...

I usually have a little knitting project on the back burner. Having worn to death the eternity cowl I made back in the thick of winter, I decided to try it out in a lighter weight for spring.

The yarn is creative linen from Rowan and I picked the natural colour way. It has knit up much looser than the original, which I like.

In spite of being the 1st of May, and the last month of spring, I am yet to wear it and have still been snuggling up in my yummy alpaca version.

Any ideas for a summery shawl, all you knitters out there?


  1. I have turned the heating back on. I would much rather have a cowl to snuggle in.

  2. it is definitely winter woolies weather. the list writer is the shawl queen, she will tell you. or sue of peasoup. her are gorgeous!


    but your summer knit is divine btw! xxx

  3. Yes snuggly alpaca has definitely been in order of late! I do hope that we get the weather for you to swap over to your gorgeous linen cowl before too long - we could all do with a dose of proper spring sunshine now.

  4. Oh, isnt' it beautiful! I'll second what Driftwood said -- Peasoup is the queen of the shawl. It looks like you're all ready for spring!

  5. Will Friday be a linen or alpaca day?! K x


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