Friday, 28 September 2012

A week in pictures...

Thank you so much for leaving me such heartfelt comments on my anniversary post.  I wrote the post last week and scheduled it to publish while I was away for the weekend. What a treat to come back to lots of lovely comments!

The last seven days have been filled productively, so in the spirit of continuing with my online journal, this post will be photo heavy and short on words!

Sunset on Chesil Beach, last weekend


Coffee at somewhere rather special in Axminster

Fishing off the beach. Check out the concentration!

Fresh mackerel for dinner

I managed to squeeze in one last camping weekend, in Dorset. The mackerel went from sea to plate in less than an hour. Hugh would've been proud of me!  We had two sunny days and a final day of persistent rain, but hey-ho! I got a very soggy tent dried at home eventually.

Getting dressed up on Wednesday...

... to attend a luncheon at Wadham College, Oxford University for Women of the Year, raising awareness for The Mulberry Bush School

I was thrilled to have been nominated for this fund-raising lunch. I thoroughly lapped up the experience and tradition of the day and was entertained afterwards by Emma Bridgewater and Dame Catherine Wybourne. I'm struggling to describe how it felt to be sat amongst 160 women. I felt very honoured, yet hugely welcomed.

There has also been a meeting of minds from a friend who I 'met' on Twitter, a bit of cooking, a bit of coping with decreasing pain medication but not a lot of crafting. Yet. I'm dying to get back to my sewing machine or knitting needles. This weekend, though, the garden is calling to me to finish off some jobs and do some general tidying after the wild and windy weather of the last week.  Have a good one, whatever you may be doing.


  1. There are those lovely shoes again! ; ) I have to admit we are partial to a bit of the Axminster Canteen. You are right, your mackerel wouldn't be out of place there. Your fossils are impressive,too! It's wonderful to see you've enjoyed visiting the wonderful countryside I have the pleasure to call 'home'. Thanks for a lovely post!

  2. Flipping heck that mackerel picture fabulous! All sounds wonderful apart from the camping obviously.

  3. What a wonderful holiday.. those mackerel have made my mouth water. I loved your last post. It said everything I would like to say.

  4. from catching mackerel for your dinner to fancy shoes and a posh lunch - that's quite a week of contrasts!

  5. That is a week of contrasts as Tess said, quite a wonderful week too by the sound of it! You do look equally at home fishing on the beach or dressed up in your gorgeous shoes - a woman of many talents indeed and it's great that you were recognised as such in the invitation to Wadham College.

  6. Oh what a wonderful week in pictures! And big congratulations on your nomination! The perfect excuse for fabulous shoes and tights :)

    K x

  7. How exciting to be part of that lunch group. Did you manage to eat anything? Love those shoes, by the way.

  8. Wow -- what a wonderful week you've had. Love that fishing picture -- concentration indeed. And those shoes! Too cute!

  9. I am seriously impressed and deeply envious of your eminence! And it looks like you had a fun weekend as well - I hope the fun continues!

    Pomona x

  10. What Pomona said, which is not me being a lazy commenter, envy of your eminence was exactly what came to mind as I read.

    And I too am decreasing pain meds, any tips most welcome!

    Love that pic of you fishing, you look really 'in the zone' :D


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