Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Right now...

  • I'm wishing I could get on with some crafty-type things but my right hand is still feeling very odd and uncomfortable due to the pins and needles from that trapped nerve. I am starting physio next week. My right arm feels like my left one! Do you know what I mean? It can do things, but not properly. Awkward. Let's look at the evening sun shining on the cosmos instead.

  • My new eagerly awaited magazine fell through my letter box yesterday. Have you heard? Do go buy it, it is an absolute delight. The production is fabulous and the styling, well too stylish for words! I took advantage of the brilliant subscription offer of the first three issues for a fiver. It's still available, I think.

  • There was only one place to sit and read it at my leisure - the hammock. The simplest of pleasures. Made even more special by being surrounded by the birds coming down to the feeders, for their tea. The tits and finches are not put off by the thuggish behaviour of the parakeets. For the first time this year, I also saw a pair of Nuthatches coming to feed on the sunflower hearts - what a delight, one of my favourite birds.

Checking me out!

  • My new hens are settling in nicely. Still a bit timid but they are getting used to me going in the run each day with lettuce or some other kitchen scraps treats. Last week, my skyline hen started laying and has presented me with the most gorgeous of blue eggs every day since.

Violet, my Bovans Nera hen

  • I made a sour dough loaf and had a delicious lunch of poached eggs on toast. This has become a little tradition of mine - to poach the first eggs. 

  • It is the simplest things in life that give me the most pleasure. What's yours?


  1. I hope your hand gets better soon. So frustrating not to be able to enjoy your crafts. Your photos are beautiful, the birds gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh to have hens, and a hammock. Poached eggs I can do though, on soda bread for me.

    Hope your two left hands sort themselves out soon x

  3. simple things, simple pleasures, perfect. hope the physio helps! and LOVE love love that blue egg. and Violet is such a cutie x

  4. Your life is sounding very good indeed today (apart from the hand bit, but if it forces a little more loafing, even that is not entirely without benefits).

  5. Oh I hope the physio helps. So frustrating. But reading a magazine in the hammock sounds lovely. I've been dithering about whether or not to subscribe. Hope I haven't left it too late. Love the flower and parakeet photos. And now I need you to show me how to do a poached egg--I've never done one successfully!

    K x

  6. Love those bird pictures. Ah yes, simple pleasures. Mine? Simple Mulberry handbags!

  7. Your birdies make me so happy! Crossing my fingers that the PT does you right next week... xoxo

  8. I have been helped a lot with physio - and pacing yourself is important. We have some blue egg hens now - so exciting! Although the eggs are very small. I think the small simple things in life are important - that is the way to contentment.

    Pomona x

  9. What a delightful post - although I'm very sorry to hear about your arm of course. But sitting in a hammock reading a good magazine surrounded by birds sounds lovely! As does your poached eggs on toast. We got our first eggs on Sunday and Tuesday from Hetty. Hilda also keeps going into the nest box and rearranging the hay but has yet to lay. We haven't decided how to share our two eggs between the five of us!! Lucy xx

  10. Blue eggs in straw, how delightful and your blog Missus, you've had an overhaul .. stylish!
    Happy weekend to you, hope that naughty parakeet doesn't make too much of a racket. I'm off to investigate the mag offer :)

  11. Poached egg (freshly laid by your own hens) on toast has to be up there as one of my favourite simple things too. It is the simple things that often give the most pleasure so I must check out that magazine - thanks for the tip off. I hope the physio helps this week and you start to get some relief and maybe enough hand strength back for a little gentle crafting. Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful photographs, I especially love the cosmos one with that beautifully warm evening light that we've been getting of late.


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