Sunday, 27 January 2013

In the post ...

I love receiving things in the post and this week has been an excellent one for making me rush to the doormat every time I hear the thump of something falling on to it. Or sometimes, more often in the middle of the day, the doorbell rings and there is a terrified delivery person, shaking at the intense barking that ensues every time it rings, ready to hand over something wonderfully anticipated.

I have Belinda to thank for the introduction of this satchel to my collection of bags. I spent many hours browsing the options in terms of colour, style and size and finally opted for this gorgeous metallic version. I'm not a shoe girl, but am definitely a bag girl (not bag lady!).

Next up were some of Celia's amazing Not just for Valentine's Day cards.  My plan for these is to frame them and hang them somewhere prominent in the house. I absolutely love Celia's work and so, for me, this is a great way to be able to own some.

Just as satisfying as receiving things in the post, is making up little parcels to send out to others.  I have finished my final block in the #twitknit scarf swap I have been taking part in. Not all my blocks needed blocking, but this one most definitely did to show off the pattern.

It seems like a little sprinkle of magic happens when you use some pins, a water sprayer and a smidgeon of patience.

I'm hoping that making trips to the post office to make such deliveries is going to become a regular happening soon as the last package to have fallen on my mat this week is very exciting (at least, to me) and after a bit tweaking here and there over the next day or two I will be unveiling a little project that I have been working on recently. I've been dropping hints over on Twitter so it's not exactly a secret if you follow me there ...

Sorry for terrible grainy phone photo, but I was just a tad excited and had to take an immediate photo!


  1. Heyyyyy, you got the gorgeous satchel!:))) My hints fell on deaf ears although I was given the Ilse Jacobsen boots so not complaining. This IS the best colour satchel I am convinced of it! Bxx

  2. waiting IMpatiently for news............

  3. I now have serious satchel envy! It's purrrrrrfect!!

    Loving the cabling pattern on the square, was it knitted to a pattern or did that lovely design just pop out of your head?

    Thank you so much for the get well wishes, much appreciated m'dear :D

  4. Business cards? This 8 hour time difference is no good, I seem to be missing out on all the good stuff. Need to trawl thru twitter now!
    Good to hear there are exciting things coming thru your letter box, rather than the dreaded bills. Love your satchel!

  5. I do love satchels and yours is gorgeous and the twitknit scarf block is wonderful - lovely detailing in the thickening/thinning cables. It's very exciting that you now require some business cards x

  6. Who wouldn't love a satchel like that? I'm not on Twitter, so looking forward to finding out all about whatever it may be.

  7. I need to bite the bullet and tackle blocking for Dot's squares she is knitting for a blanket - all the lace ones are completely curled up. Maybe I'll go and do that right now!! Lucy xx

  8. I am waiting for the delivery of a new toy too - belated Camera Christmas pressie. Love the satchel and hurry up and let us non-twitterers in on the secret (though I can guess it - and about time too!)

  9. Love that satchel. Bought a green one as part of the Girlie's Christmas present but really wanted to keep it for myself. Have only tried blocking once. Ended up with rusty pins and rust coloured stains on the knitting!


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