Tuesday, 8 April 2008


It is done! It has been a joy! I love it! May I present: My First Quilt.

I took the colour inspiration from the loopy cushion I made last year and which resides on the sofa in my conservatory. In spite of being very different, they sit together cosily.

I am particularly pleased with the corners, they have mitred very neatly - it has been a long time since I used binding on anything...

It perches on the arm of my sofa getting admiring glances and compliments.

As usual, someone takes advantage of his home comforts. I really don't want dog-slob on it, but he did look handsome...

I have missed working with fabric. In what seems like another life, fabrics played a big part in my day to day work. I would spend hours studying fabric swatches, putting together schemes for displays and room-sets. I would trawl the fabric shops of the Kings Road and Chelsea Harbour Design Centre looking for exciting new additions to show off. I would order samples, sometimes to just have a tiny piece to keep! If only I'd kept them! I would have enough for a dozen quilts...

After having the boys, I honed my sewing skills and did soft-furnishings for private clients. That was probably the last time I used binding - something probably peach and green on the edge of some curtain tie-backs! I used to really struggle making things that I wouldn't have myself - why did everyone always want peach?

I have truly caught the bug though - this is what is currently sitting patiently on my desk...

...to be turned into an Urban Garden quilt to snuggle under in the garden once things get warmed up! Hey ho!


  1. Oh wow - no wonder you are pleased with it - it's gorgeous! Well done you. And that next quilt you plan on doing is fabulous too ... can't wait to see.

    I don't think I'll ever lose my addiction to fabric - it's in my genes (my mum has it too!)


  2. Oh, tis a thing of great beauty!! You clever girl, you! You were in Stratford? Give me a call next time!(and check out the breakfasts at Carluccios, they are gorgeous!)xx

  3. The quilt looks great, no wonder you keep admiring it!

    I'll join your 'I hate Peach club'.

  4. Congratulations - what a lovely quilt - and I love your cuddly 'brown accessory'!

  5. Your quilt is lovely I love the fabric you've used and the colour combinations are terrific. Cute pooch too!
    Twiggy x

  6. Beautiful work. it sounds like you really enjoyed the whole process.

  7. What a huge success! You have made a beautiful quilt and made it very well (yes, I can tell from the photo!).

  8. it's just gorgeous, congrats! can't wait to see the next one!!!!!

  9. BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats on a big project and craft well done! It looks fab--love the colors. And the dog test proves it's a winner! ;o) Glad to see you're feeding your fabric need--can't wait to see your next project! Happy Crafting ((HUGS))

  10. Hello
    I have juts stumbled across your blog and what a beautiful sight that quilt is, its gorgeous!
    I own Kaffe Fassetts book "glorious patchwork" but haven't ever made a quilt....you have certainly inspired me, thank you, your blog is a delight

  11. Wow - its amazing for your first quilt ....... are you sure its your first ;-)


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