Thursday, 28 August 2008

2000 miles...

According to my calculations, by the end of the summer holidays, I will probably have driven 2000 miles.

The week spent in the Wonderful Wet Wales clocked up 900 miles on my car - that's 260 miles each way from door to door, plus another 400 or so driving round...and round...trying to avoid the rain.

Last Saturday found me driving to my favourite Cotswold retreat as a pit-stop to carrying on up to Manchester the following morning. We had tickets to see REM at Lancashire County Cricket Club, as part of No2's birthday treat.

We checked into a hotel on Salford Quays and after a quick bite to eat at the Lowry Mall, we joined the crowd and made our way to the ground. I think No2 found it hard going on his feet (bless him!), as we had to stand around for 3 hours until REM came on.

Anyway, in a word, REM were fantastic. They played my favourite song - Electrolite - to which we all had to hold our mobiles in the air. When the camera panned across the ground and it came up on the giant screens, it looked amazing!

We drove home the next day, wearing our gig t-shirts, of course!

The following morning had me off in another direction. This time west, to Cheltenham, to meet up with a friend. It was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to No.9. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Anna and Rob, and I can report that my favourite hazelnut latte was expertly made and was delicious when paired with a slice of bakewell tart.

I wish you every success, Anna, it is the perfect space for All Things Lovely. I only wish I lived nearer!

Tomorrow we are off on our last trip of the holidays. Glamping, again! This time we are going up to Pettywood Farm in Lincolnshire. I have only one thing to say: PLEASE DON'T LET IT RAIN...


  1. Have a wonderful glamping time. The weather is supposed to be warm so hope it holds out for you. Lucky you getting to visit No9! xx

  2. hope you have a lovely time glamping!
    thats an impressive milage you've clocked up, sounds like a fun summer!
    and your coffee and cake look divine you lucky thing!

  3. I remember seeing REM in university and what an amazing experience it was! And lucky you visiting No. 9 as well. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for good weather this weekend! K x

  4. I have everything crossed for you hoping for a dry spell. Glamping is so much nicer in the sunshine. Come back re-charged.

    Am planning on a visit to No 9 next time I head west - lucky you.

  5. am keeping everything crossed for your glamping weekend too, hope you packed a big floppy sunhat.
    That hazenut latte does look quite impressive now that you mention it...!!
    Was so lovely to see you and J, thankyou for making the trip over x

  6. Good grief woman, haven't you heard there's a petrol crisis on?

    Seriously, it sounds like a wonderful time; hope the weather stays lovely for your weekend away!

  7. So SO jealous!!! REM are fantastic! I would say that your summer has been pretty darn wonderful!

  8. What a great summer you have had together!

    Hope the sun shines on your glamping trip.

  9. 2000 miles to an Australian is next to nothing.

    Having lived in England I know that 2000 miles is truly significant and means you have covered a LOT of ground.

    I too hope the glamping holiday is wonderful and sunny.

  10. I was at LCCC too (have posted about it on my blog)as part of my birthday treats. Loved it!

  11. Happy Glamping! I think that you have been lucky with the weather - what a great way to finish the holidays.

  12. wow, that's a lot of mileage - not cheap the way petrol prices have rocketed! Sounds like it's all been well worthwhile though - lots of fun! Hope the glamping was great and you've not arrived home with a mountain of soggy, muddy washing!


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