Monday, 19 May 2008

Happy Campers...

We didn't want to come home this morning.

Our weekend away to Belle Vue Farm in Wiltshire, courtesy of Featherdown Farm Days , with my lovely friend and her 2 little boys, has been wonderful. I could get used to waking up and peeking out of our tent to this view.

Or walking through fields filled with cow parsley and buttercups.

Even the dandelions had a relaxing presence to them, dotted about and getting blown away in the breeze.

We had tractor rides through fields of gentle-eyed cows.

We were woken by a particularly vocal lamb.

And I could admire the Belle Vue chickens, who are fond of flamin' hot Monster Munch as fed by No2!

We got back to basics, cooking on the wood-burning stove and tucked into delicious omelettes (our eggs!) and banana pancakes.

We sat outside and played charades and other silly word games; I could handsew my quilt and play at the same time, listening to the birdsong in the background.

In the evening, by candlelight, we sat cosied up to the stove with tumblers of red wine and some Green & Black maya gold chocolate and chatted for hours, with Pippin at our feet.

Oh, and we had some visits from these lovely damselflies.

I can't wait to do it all again in August...


  1. sounds absolutely perfect - I especially like the sound of wine and maya gold consumed by candlelight!

  2. ooooh, idylic! I love those kind of holidays and can quite understand your reluctance to return ...x

  3. Don't say another word - it sounds perfect - I might even be converted which would make my children die of shock.

    I am glad that you had a fabulous weekend - where did you find that wonderful weather?

  4. Oh bliss. There's something wonderful about that place.

    Glad the damselfly found you.

    Now if we could just have a bit of that idyllic sunshine for our camping trip this weekend, I'll be a happy bunny.

  5. We're going for our first Featherdown Farm adventure in a couple of weeks - I shall show your pictures to the girls tomorrow and I think they will go off their heads with excitement!

  6. It all looks so wonderful! I'm trying to convince my husband we should do a Featherdown Farm holiday too! K x

  7. it looks wonderful, and you look very glamourous sitting quilting whilst camping!

  8. Beautiful picture of the damselfly and beautiful quilt you are working on too.

  9. Magical...pure magic! Looks and sounds like the perfect prescription for delight...Glad you had a wonderful time! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  10. It sounds wonderful - and your pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing with us. x

  11. It looks like a magical break. What lovely photos - and that dragonfly pic is incredible.

  12. What a beautiful and comforting get-away! I love the dining table in candlelight shot... Gorgeous quilt you're making and amazing damselfly! :O) Gx

  13. We took the same Happy Campers book to Featherdown! Great book, and wasn't featherdown brilliant? I was so impressed. Must get around to doing the washing and will then do my blog (my photos aren't as impressive as yours though!)Glad you had a great time x


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