Monday, 12 May 2008

Professional finishing...

Yesterday I had my first outing into Blogland. There were several species of butterflies in my tummy as I travelled into Islington to meet up at Loop.

I attended a workshop called Professional Finishing, kindly arranged by Alice. There I met, in the flesh, Ali, Val, Monica and Kristina, who has yet to get blogging (come on, Kristina!). I may be the fastest knitter in the West, according to Ali, but you can read about the day over at the fastest bloggers in the West, here and here.
What I wasn't expecting was being showered with gifts.
Alice gave me the most fitting mug for my morning coffee (beautifully packaged too...)
Val gave us all a set of her fab stitch markers
Ali had made us all a gorgeous linen pouch and one of her wonderful stamps
I was hugely embarrassed at having gone empty-handed, but no-one told me of any Blogland, thinking on my feet, I let them have a Moo card! Generous, huh?
My big purchase of the day was a pair of darning needles that came in their own little holder. The perfect reminder of how professional finishing can make your long-slogged-over knitting become something worth wearing. I think I may be inspired to make something to wear other than a hat now...


  1. It really sounds like the loveliest day - friendships forged and crafty things learned.

    And it also sounds like you make a fine quiche!

  2. I'm going to be the last to post about this, I can see it coming ;-)

    It was a wonderful day, wasn't it? It was so good to finally meet you, and your quiche was out of this world!

    I showed my buttonholes to DH and he made polite noises, but I could tell he didn't get it. See, that's why we need to have lots of blog meetings!

  3. It was so good to meet you and thank you for the delicious quiche. Those girls of yours must have been working on overtime because there were a lot of eggs in that lovely recipe!

    I think that you were very brave to accept an invitation from someone you had never met to meet four other people that you had never met. It is quite a leap of faith - isn't it!

    I hope it won't be long before we get the chance to meet up again.

  4. Erm ... that needle in it's holder looks very like one of those 'personal massagers' you can buy. *blush*

    I'm so glad you had a very positive first experience of meeting bloggers - I've yet to do it, but have met other online friends (from a forum on which I post) and they have all - without exception - been lovely.


  5. Lovely blog, I like the mugs.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day..good food, good company and lots of crafting going on!
    Are you going to share that quiche recipe?? :O)

  7. Hi Tracy, what a pleasure to meet you (and to eat your quiche... it was delicious!!)

    Let's hope to meet again.

  8. It sounds like a beautiful way to spend the day. I'm glad those butterflies settled.

  9. What a happy day! Such lovely gifts...Bloggy-gals are the greatest and generou souls. Those coffee mugs are so pretty. A trip to Loop...I would love to go there! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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