Thursday, 29 May 2008


It was my birthday yesterday!

On opening my cards, it struck me how different people see me, judging from their choice of cards!

My Mum gave me this lovely, lovely eco-friendly (there was a whole essay on the back of the card) card from here, with the words 'make a wish' inside.
My aunt sent me this! I've not looked like that for a long time... although, I like to think I often feel like that...
My lovely friend sent me this. She obviously thinks I appreciate fine design (I do). It is a Wedgwood design and I learnt from a time-line on the reverse that Charles Darwin was the grandson of Josiah Wedgwood, did you know that?
Another friend sent me this one, which had me howling with laughter...
Then No2 gives me this.
Long gone are the days with homemade cards or 'to a special mummy' cards. Now it's just adolescent humour. The inside revealed a list of nagging...

We spent the day in Whitstable with a good friend and her son. It rained. The wind blew a gale.

We had lunch here.

I had smoked herring to start, followed by a smoked haddock and crayfish fishcake. Both were delicious.

The restaurant sits above the fish market and oysters are their speciality. I don't think I could ever eat an oyster...

The boys were happy throwing stones on the beach, but we got miserable from being cold (I was so underdressed, I had to buy a sweatshirt...from White Stuff...darn!), that we abandoned the plan to spend the whole day down there and came home!


  1. Happy Birthday - I am sorry that it rained but at least you got to spend time with the people that care for you. I hope this year is full of exciting plans and happy memories.

    I adore that Wedgwood design. It is absolutely my kind of card.

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday, sorry I forgot, am rubbish.
    I love the variety of cards, I have a similar selection, all most amusing.I think White Stuff is the perfect place to buy a new birthday shirt to take away the chill! We have been guilty of doing the same thing in the past.
    The seafood place looks lovely, is making my stomach rumble now, and it's only early!
    Here's to a lovely year for you and no.2 xxx

  3. Belated birthday wishes. Judging from some of the cards you got it shows that people think you have a sense of humour! I don't mind the seaside in the rain as long as I am dressed accordingly. I hope you got some nice pressies for your birthday!

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day!
    I nearly bought that knitting card the other day for myself!

    I've never been to Whitstable (wasn't that line in an Aero ad once?) - it looks lovely. It always makes me smile when people put up pictures of their food from restaurants - it's a dead giveaway of a blogger that the camera comes out during lunchtime ;-)

  5. Happy birthday! I'm sorry it was so cold and wet, but it sounds like you had a nice time in any case (including a lovely lunch). And what a wonderful selection of quite different cards! K x

  6. A belated Happy Birthday - the day sounds wet and cold but full of love and even though it is breakfast here that fishcake is making be salivate!!

  7. Happy birthday to you. I'm certain that rain on your birthday is a good luck charm. I did love the knitting card - poor baby must be all itchy!

  8. Happy Birthday! Lovely cards, I think I like the bunny girl one best!!


  9. Happy Birthday! My parents live in Whitstable - I love it down there (though less so when it's freezing). Did you pop into Frank on your way to White Stuff? I could spend megabucks in there.

  10. Happy Birthday...belated! You day looked a treat--so very glad! That seafood place looks excellent...mmm...Happy weekend ((HUGS))

  11. Happy Birthday Tracy!! Sorry I'm late..sounds like a yummy lunch.. esp the crayfish cakes!
    You have a wonderful selection of cards there.. your mum's is the sort I'm usually drawn to the most but the knitted one is adorable! Gx

  12. sorry to be so tardy in wishing you a happy birthday (I blame a stinking cold and the school holidays from keeping me away from the computer!) Sounds like the weather could have been a bit kinder to you but the lunch does look delicious!

  13. oh happy happy happy belated birthday!!

    What's the point of a June birthday if it rains? I know how you feel though... mine is next week and a few of years ago I spent it in Cornwall with my mum and we both had to buy woolly jumpers!!!

    gorgeous cards by the way.

  14. Tracy, a very belated happy birthday, looks like you had a wonderful day, along with a fab card collection!

  15. Happy very belated birthday! We gave my Mum that knitty card for her birthday last year!


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