Monday, 2 June 2008


I made 2 New Year resolutions.

  • To make a quilt. Done.

  • To learn amigurumi. Done.

The quilt has been unveiled and now here is My First Amigurumi.

Although he doesn't really look like a chocolate Labrador, probably more Bull Terrier, all things dog in this house have to be chocolate brown. He was spectacularly difficult to photograph! He has been commandeered by No2 and has taken up a position on his bedside table.

I bought this book after spotting Ana Paula Rimoli on Ravelry. It is full of seriously cute crochet as its title suggests!

Having been left laying next to my knitting-or-crocheting chair in my conservatory it was duly pounced upon by my nephews and niece and it seems that no-one is too old for their favourite amigurumi toy. So up next was an octopus (who, I have to confess, was my favourite in book).

Followed by an ice-cream...

They do look extra cute when they're all together.

I now have an extensive collection of eyes. They make or break the finished toy and are an absolute nightmare to put on, there has been a lot of swearing trying to fit the little washer thingy over the shank of the eye, I can tell you.

I read in the book that amigurumi is roughly translated from Japanese as "knitted stuffed toy". I will stick to amigurumi, it sounds much more interesting and, bearing in mind these are crocheted, the translation sounds a bit half-hearted. They are surprisingly quick to make, which is always a bonus in my book.

I am part way through a monkey for nephew No2, and he is looking very cheeky...


  1. You have excelled at Amigurumi! I love the choccy doggy - great photo too!

  2. Very sweet. I can't believe that you have achieved your resolutions and it's not even June - you need to pace yourself!

  3. they're lovely, and now that you've finished your resolutions would you like to make a start on mine.....

  4. They're brilliant! I can't even recall what my resolutions were now. Must be old age...

  5. They are cool! Amigurumi is hard enough to spell ... is it really that easy to do??

  6. They're gorgeous! These little crochet projects are dangerously addictive - have you come across Roman Sock yet?

  7. Your amigurumi are so amazingly cute! I have a big stack of Japanese craft books I have yet to tackle. You're just far too organized and efficient (not to mention talented). K x

  8. Oh how lovely! I shared the 'make quilt' resolution with you.

    Really like the dog one best.

    N. xx

  9. They are gorgeous! I particularly love the octopus, think he's my favourite..well done you for actually doing your resolutions, mine failed dismally.x

  10. Oh they're all so sweet.. there's something about that ice-cream though..he's wonderful!! Gx


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