Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Perfect Partners...

The bluebells are out in abundance. It feels a bit gratuitous to post a photo of them now as I've seen alot already around Blogland... but I'm of the opinion that there's never enough bluebells.

The perfect partner to bluebells is cow parsley; great swathes of it appear almost overnight, softening the roadsides, even here in my part of London.

Bees busying themselves in the blossom seem to go together nicely...

Ladybirds are good partners to have around in the black fly wars that will rage in my garden soon - their larvae are even better at devouring those pesky aphids.

This was the perfect partner to take the edge off of my sunburned nose this morning. You'd never imagine plastering your face in yellow powder could have such an instant effect in reducing the Rudolf look that the first day of sun has on my fair skin. Take my word for it!


  1. The photo's are beautiful, especially the bee and ladybird ones. If I put yellow powder on my red nose I would look like rhubarb and custard!!!

  2. lovely photos, I look red and blotchy quite often, sensitive skin, maybe I need some of that, a skip full shoud do it!

  3. Beautiful photos. I have a 'thing' for blue flowers of all kinds - but the bluebells out now are stunning, aren't they?


  4. MissM swears by Benefit cosmetics - especially the lip moisturiser.

  5. There aren't any blue bells here so I have enjoyed yours ~ they're beautiful! Great pics of the bumble bee and ladybird.I have fair skin too
    and don't wear much in the way of makeup..will see if I can find a stockist here in Oz..it's looks nice and natural Gx

  6. Glorious photos - you have taken me right into your garden !!

  7. Love cow parsley - the roads leading to our village are feet high in it.

    I need yellow powder today - I smothered the kids in suncream and forgto myself. What a muppet.

  8. What great photos. There can never be enough bluebell pictures!

  9. Oh, such a a beautiful post. I especially like the bee in blossom picture. The apple tree in a neighbour's garden has bloomed this week and its divine. Your picture reminds me of it.
    Is that ladybird one of those scary incomers that's eating all our native ones? I'm not sure, never seen one with a white head before. I do love your pictures.

  10. amazing photos, you have a great camera (and lots of skill, obviously!) We have had random bluebells appear in our front garden for the first time this year. They're tough little so and so's, have sprouted up through a level of membrane and pebbles to show themselves. Really glad they have though, so pretty.x


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