Wednesday, 21 May 2008


The last of my tulips have faded and are ready to be dead-headed and allowed to die down.

I have had a steady flow of flowers since March when my first tulips came out.

These purissima tulips complimented the pheasant's eye narcissi perfectly (I'm not sure about the rogue deep pink must have got muddled up somewhere along the line!)

They were followed by ballerina, a lovely lily-flowered variety which picked out the centre of the narcissi.

Then came the drama of the parrot tulips which start out green and wavy.

Only to burst open in a flourish of colour.

My favourite one this year is the peony-flowered angelique which has sat serenely underneath the drift of white blossom on my clematis montana, which has so many flowers on it this year I have done a number of double-takes thinking it had snowed again.

Closely followed by this explosion of red and white, carnaval de Nice...


  1. What wonderful tulips - I love them and would plant heaps if only it didn't require a crowbar in my appalling soil.

  2. These photos are amazing. Earth laughs in flowers. Your garden must laugh right out loud.

  3. I love tulips - they are just such a pleasing shape, aren't they?

    Gorgeous photos - as ever.


  4. I could almost cry at these blooms. We NEVER see them here. They cannot grow in our heat.

    PS I love your quilt...

  5. What a lovely collection of flowers - tulips don't grow very well in my garden so I have to enjoy other people's efforts.

  6. You have a fantastic tulip collection. I have never grown tulips but feel I may start now!

  7. What an amazing montage, brilliant idea and absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to plant a whole heap of bulbs this autumn (shouldn't be looking that far ahead yet!) adn your choices are very inspiring.
    Enjoy the Bank Holiday

  8. Wonderful blooms..I'm a lost cause with tulips! Love the orange ones :O)
    The parrot tulips are unusual.

  9. Chelsea flower show next year?? I've always wanted to go but never quite managed it. Let me know if you fancy a hot date!
    I've missed the highlights because of being away, but sat transfixed last night in front of the television, staring at the loveliness.x

  10. you sure have some great big green thumb!!

    Tulips are my favourite flowers. I had white ones for my wedding bouquet and all over the church... and when we got engaged Mr M had filled the room with tiny yellow ones...

  11. what lovely blooms - i adore tulips, your blog is great, what beautiful pics! thanks for being my first blog comment...did you finish syd yet?!

  12. hi dragonfly
    I have only visited your blog a couple of times, can I say your photos are lovely, full of colour it's a joy to visit.

  13. What fabulous tulips - I can't get over the one which opens up green and turns to bright red - thanks so much for sharing them all - I must put them on my list to plant for next Spring


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