Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Our rendezvous for the start of our last trip of the holidays was Burghley House. We met up with friends en route to Pettywood Farm.

It was in the throes of preparing for the famous horse trials, so it was hard to miss. Unfortunately, the house was closed, but we had a lovely take-away lunch from the restaurant. The deer in the grounds were grazing without any fear of us walking up to them and taking photos.

The scent from the rose garden in front of the house was intoxicating, filling the air.

I know I did plead for no rain to spoil this weekend, and we were lucky enough to have good weather for most of the time - just a bit of the wet stuff for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, but not enough to have us moping about.

No2 impressed me with his newly-acquired axe skills, learnt at his Scout camp earlier in the year... Building the fire quickly becomes the focus of these glamping weekends, although, for the first time, it was mild enough not to have to sit huddled around it the whole time.

Pip enjoyed the freedom of running free through the woodland surrounding the farm.

And everywhere around us were signs of autumn...

Blackberries were picked and stewed with apples on the wood-burner and eaten in the evening with custard, which impossibly, took about 2 hours to make on the stove...

You know when you've succeeded in making your offspring forget about the excesses of modern life, when they are happy to sit on the step with a candle...


..for hours...


  1. Love all those little signs of autumn popping up all over the place. Glad the rain didn't hassle you too much!

  2. Happy days. And he does look scarily impressive with that axe.

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend. And blackberries and apples...yum...the taste of autumn!

  4. gorgeous end of summer roses, and love that action axe shot! glad you had a lovely time!

  5. I love your autumnal photos!

    And glamping sounds perfect for my family - I'm glad yours went so well.

  6. You photographs are absolutely beutiful. Looks like a glorious weekend! I saw your blog referenced on: http://nancymccarroll.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awww, your photos make me want to book up again!

  8. Beautiful photos. I'm glad it stayed dry for most of the time for you.

  9. Divine photos...and the roses....one can almost smell them from here....bless the kids hearts...glad they were happy with their candles....

  10. ooh lovely pics! Autumn is my favourite season i think. So full of the promise of dark evenings by the fire. xx

  11. I can totally believe you it took two hours to make custard...but the photos are amazing!I love autumn, it is definitely my favourite season. Apart from 6am when I am getting up for work. Sigh.x


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