Friday, 12 September 2008

Just a thimble full...

When I planted my pergola with grape vines, back in June, I didn't imagine I'd get anything growing this year. Each vine (there are 4 of them, one on each corner) has performed differently.

I've had one that went mad and clambered up its wooden post and is now making inroads across the top. I've had two that got all bushy, but didn't grow very tall, one of which got splashed alot from the pool and evidently didn't appreciate a dousing of chlorinated water... And one that didn't really do much at all.

Only one, however, surprised me with a small harvest of tiny grapes. They look quite impressive in the photo, but they are nowhere near what I would call grape-size! More blueberry... I
haven't tasted them yet, but will let you know if they are sweet...or sour! I love the duskiness of their skin.

So, it looks like we won't be getting our feet all juicy to make some wine this year...

I've been thoroughly disappointed with my home-grown efforts this year. All I really have for quite alot of hard work I put in in the spring, is a shelf of onions and shallots. My carrots refused to grow...don't get me wrong, I like baby carrots, but I just thought that with more than 5 months in the ground, I would have got something marginally bigger than my little finger! My beetroot bolted. I have a whole bed of green tomatoes - refusing to ripen under our grey skies.


  1. what a shame, well lots of green tomato chutney then I guess, with minature carrot confit....

  2. I'm impressed you have a harvest at all! Our cutting flowers have done well, and the peas were good in June but other than that - nada.

  3. Well ofcourse i'm not glad about your crop failure, but I am glad that it's not just me!!! I too have been V. dissapointed ... i'm not really sure of the cause ... whether it's because we haven't been able to get out because of the rain, or whether the rain has hindered growth ... i can't decide... but it is very disheartening. Here's to a better "summer" next year. xx Oh . i've just realised i haven't replied to your email! Will do so now.

  4. Oh wow! Grapes! That is great, I'm really impressed. I would think the weather this summer (could we sue Mother Nature under the Trades Descriptions, do you think?) has put paid to a lot of crops for career farmers - sad :-(


  5. OOOO they look yummy. We used to have grape vines at our old house. You are making me miss them!!

  6. We have had our grape vine for 11 years and it was here before we moved in. This year the 'harvest' was dire. In fact, there was no harvest! The grapes were miniscule but at least the chickens ate them! The green tomatoes wont go to waste if you slice them up and make pickled green tomatoes. My dad used to ripen up tomatoes indoors on the window ledge.

  7. Time to find a recipe for green tomato chutney then I guess - the delights of an English summer, I'll bet the weeds grew though - like weeds!

  8. Hope the grapes are yummy. They look very impressive in the photo! And try not to worry too much about the garden situation--we definitely have our share of successes and failures (some quite dramatic) every year. K x


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