Friday, 5 September 2008


After ploughing through the boredom of holiday washing, I was thrilled to see this little package waiting for me on my recycling bin the morning after we returned from Lincolnshire.

I could hardly believe I'd won another giveaway from Pebbledash. This time from Diana's 100th post celebration.

I have to confess to ripping it open in my excitement, only to rewrap it to photograph it in it's woolly packaging!
And look what was inside: not just one beautifully wrapped package, but 5 beautifully wrapped packages...
Diana - I absolutely love it all. Thank you soooo much. I have found the perfect excuse to send 2 thank you cards already, although really, I could hardly bear to pop them in the letter box.
Nestled in amongst all that papery goodness, was one final tiny little parcel. A perfect little nugget of sea glass, painted with a tiny heart. I LOVE sea glass - how did you know Diana? Have I said thank you?
Looking back over my post listings, I am shocked to find that my 100th post and 1 year anniversary are looming...
Did you hear that? That was me gasping...and putting on my thinking hat...


  1. You have some lovely things from the highly creative Diana there! The painted sea glass is a nice touch too!

  2. What gorgeous goodies, you lucky thing. The sea glass is fab, wgat a great idea.
    Julia x

  3. What a lovely surprise for you, a really nice gift.

  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love seaglass; we have a seaglass wall hanging over the stairs.

  5. What a wonderful parcel to recieve and so beautifully wrapped. I love the seaglass.
    Just caught up on your blog, your trip to the Burghley House looks great. Your pictures are amazing as well, I felt I could just lean in and pick a flower!!

  6. Sorry meant receive!! Must type slower....

  7. Oh!
    I don`t think I ever came across your blog!
    And I`m so glad that I did!!!
    It`s packed with very inspirational photos.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Debbie Moss


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