Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The colour purple...

First things first!  I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who wished my Dad a speedy recovery after my last post.  It's been a painfully slow ten or so days but (fingers crossed) he will have his surgery on Thursday.  I have finally sussed out routes to and from the hospital using both public transport and my own car.  It seems that the London transport system grinds to a halt (particularly going East) at weekends in preparation for 2012.  Never mind, I can ogle all the yummy places as I drive through Islington and then down City Road and Old Street.

Anyhoo, back to purple.

A couple of weeks ago, Kristina and I met up for our monthly visit to Kew Gardens.  I would say that the stars of May were the rhododendrons.  This mauve one was my favourite.  I just love the speckled throats of the flowers.

I had another wonderful day out with Kristina too.  This time we met up with Diana at Petersham Nurseries, which I know is one of these lovely ladies' favourite places and is fast becoming one of mine!  The disappointment was palpable when we discovered that the tea room was closed due to a fashion event.  Best hot-foot it over to Mrs Moon then!  THE most amazing yarn shop EVER!

The girls that run it are brilliantly knowledgeable about all things yarn-y and it really did have the best selection I have ever seen - all the yarns that I drool over online, there for the stroking!  I couldn't resist this scrumptious purple yarn.  It is incredibly soft.  I'm going to make this with it.

It seems that I was unable to resist the lure of purple that day and added some Louisa Harding and some Debbie Bliss cotton dk to my bag.

And keeping to the theme of today's post, my garden has produced this fabulously dramatic allium.  It is HUGE!  At least 12" across - like an explosion.  Love it!


  1. I managed somehow to miss your last post - so sorry to hear your Dad's not been doing so well but relieved to hear his surgery's imminent.

    One of these days I'll get to Kew and/or Petersham. In fact I'm going to look up right now just how impossible a school day trip is from here ...

  2. glad to hear there is better news about your Dad. xx

    sounds like you had a great trip, just gorgeous purples x

  3. Good to hear your Dad has a date for his op - wishing him well.

    And Mrs Moon's is a dangerous place indeed! I spent rather an indecent amount of pennies there on my last visit. Perhaps we should ask them to host us a knitting session there...

  4. We had such fun in Mrs Moon's! Quite the best yarn shop I've ever set foot in...

    Hope all goes well with your Dad's op today. Everything crossed for a speedy recovery.

    D x

  5. So relieved to hear your dad is finally on the schedule. Will be thinking of you all on the day.

    And I had the most absolutely wonderful time at Kew and Mrs Moon! Can't wait to see your Flourish!

    K x

  6. best wishes for your dad!

    (and i must get myself to Kew... I have been in this country for almost 20 years and I still haven't visited... shabby, I know.)


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