Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I was out early in the garden this morning, transfixed by the morning sun on the droplets of rain clinging to the plants from the miserable, wet day that was yesterday.

Interspersed with these droplets are some droplets of life here over the last week...

::  I have taken part in another training day at St Mary's with a new group of registrars.  Another wonderful group of people with lots of questions for me to think about and try and answer.

::  I have now got two bereaved parents that I am working with from Helen House.  I feel satisfied that my months of training have actually come to something.  I have shared tears with them and felt privileged to have listened to their stories of their children.

::  I have celebrated a birthday with a wonderful lunch here.

::  I am working on another initial cushion for a customer!  Yes, a customer!  At last!

::  I have a long, long list of things that are in my work pile, including a food mixer cover for another customer.  I will be winging that one as I've not made such a thing before but she has given me her ancient one to use as a pattern.  I have more blinds and curtains to make for my Mum, plus a couple of other bits and bobs that she has asked me to make for her new house.

::  I have bought some of this gorgeous, gorgeous fabric and I am going to attempt to make something for me to wear.


  1. Happy Birthday - what with customers and the work you are doing with bereavement counselling I do believe the year ahead should be a very fulfilling one for you..

  2. You've been so busy! Really looking forward to catching up on all your news today.

    K x

  3. lovely photos- I love lupins for the jewel like droplets of water they collect in the centre of their leaves. Happy birthday! You sound like life is very full right now. Jx

  4. lovely photos, great news . x

  5. All wonderful news - you so deserve to have a busy happy year!

  6. Oh you've been so busy! Great news about some commissions, how exciting. I hope you're finding the training days and the support work as beneficial as those you are helping.


  7. It's wonderful to hear about the things you've been up to. Congratulations, both on the customers and the amazing bereavement work you're doing.

  8. Happy Birthday to You. Isn't Daylesford lovely? we go over whenever we are feeling flush (not too often then...) such a great place to wander about.

  9. Wow - such a lot in one post. Those photos are gorgeous - rain droplets on plants is one of my very favourite things. Good luck with your work with those parents - I know that you will be so helpful to them. And that fabric is lovely - I look forward to seeing what you make with it. :) x


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