Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Take a pew...

...any old pew.  Perhaps one that no longer has a home.  One that has a resident angel as a companion (with a poorly hand).

Then take a linen table runner and some Katie Jump Rope fabrics and make it feel loved in its new home with a splash of colourful cushions.  (Note: handy place for dumping shoes under!)

There is lots of cushion inspiration to be found on Flickr.  And lots of fun to be had with embroidery floss.

Oh yes, indeedy!

I have collected nearly all of this collection of fabrics - just missing a couple in the green colourway.

The edges of the linen runner were put to good use on the back of the cushions, making nice neat edges for the envelope bit.

Made over the course of a couple of leisurely afternoons last week and making me smile every time I come in the front door.


  1. Erm, can I come and sit there? I don't know which I love more, the pew or those cushions with those delicious fabrics but both together are just ace!

  2. She plants her bottom on that pew , reclines against the cushions and starts badgering her friend about ETSY again!!

  3. gorgeous pew, gorgeous cushions.

  4. Oh, I want to live in your house! I'll bring cake, promise!

  5. I can see why the cushions make you smile, their gorgeous.

  6. What wonderful cushions! And the pew too... just a fabulous pairing!

  7. My shoe dumping place isn't nearly as nice as your pew! The angel with a poorly hand suits the back of the pew nicely as do your beautiful cushions. You really do have the knack for making gorgeous fabric works of art! x

  8. gorgeous! and perfect for each other!!

  9. Oh the cushions are wonderful. And I still can't get over how perfect your stitching is!

    K x

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  12. What a wonderful idea for your entry area - love the cushions - Katie Jump Rope and linen work so well together.


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