Tuesday, 11 May 2010

True blue...

It is that time of year again.

I love May because I love bluebells.  I love the colour.

I love them with the acid green of new beech leaves.

I love looking at them through this avenue of trees.

I love the way they mix effortlessly with the ferns newly unfurling.

Did I mention that I love them?


  1. Beautiful bluebells. Beautiful photographs. They bring back happy childhood memories for me. x

  2. I was thinking of you on your bluebell walk and keeping my fingers crossed there'd be pictures! So amazing. The measly clumps in our orchard simply don't compare!

    K x

  3. wow! those bluebells are truly stunning! It was lovely to see you today, Jx

  4. Oooh lovely :-) Just as you promised! It was lovely to see you yesterday - again soon?

  5. Stunning photos, just breathtaking.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! I've just discovered your blog! Hope your week is good!


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