Saturday, 8 May 2010


Kristina and I are doing a skills swap.  We have been talking about it for months.  We've even met on a few occasions to make a start.

Last week we met again and I taught Kristina to crochet.  Our venue was Ginger and White in Hampstead.  (When you see a fish finger sandwich on a menu, it has to ordered.  It was delicious - sorry, no photo!)

Anyway, it seems that a crochet uniform has been unconsciously decided upon...

The hardest part of teaching anyone to crochet is the pesky first row.  You  make your foundation chain quickly and then it just takes ages to do your first row.  It is the worse part of crochet as far as I'm concerned.  After that, the hook just flies...

...I promise!


  1. LOVE the photo of your feet. Fab.

    And yes, that first row - ugh. I seem to remember futuregirl had a method for doing the foundation chain and first row all in one go that was a whole lot less painful - though I can't say I ever tried it.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

  2. how funny... once my blog friend janet (clare) and i met up and we were wearing the same patchwork skirt! skills sharing is a great idea. janet and i are planning to have a summer clothes making session soon.
    ginny x

  3. I'm sure Kristina is whizzing away by now. As I told Val, I tried to venture beyond the chain a few days ago. I ended up making a small beard.

  4. Stylish crochet footwear uniform BTW

  5. great outfit indeed!

    thats why I love granny squares, crocheting into a ring - so much better than that first pesky row! xxx

  6. Thank you so much for the super lesson! And how fab we bagged the couch!

    Not whizzing away just yet, but doing so much better. And hopefully with daily practice I'll be up-to-speed (or at least up-to-coasters) soon!

    K x


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