Saturday, 22 May 2010

Pass it on...

Jasmine gave me this award!  I haven't done one of these thingys for ages so I'll adapt it a little to cram in some recent randomness.

I have to list 10 things about me, 5 things I don't like and pass it on to 10 bloggers.

1  ::  I like colour.  It excites me.  Often, it brings me out in goose-bumps.

2  ::  I like being near water.  Especially on a late spring evening, with the swallows flying low all around.  This is Llangorse Lake.

3  ::  I like drinking latte from a bowl...

4  ::  I like St Pancras International station.  I love the transformation from the industrial-feeling station of my early adulthood to the buzzy place, full of expectation and excitement that it is now.

5  ::  I like photographing flowers.  These ones are by the lake above.

6  ::  I like tulips.  You may already know this!

7  ::  I like fabric.  I might have mentioned this before too...  I love fabric with bees on.

8  ::  I like it when the clock says 10.10 or maybe 1.50 - it is smiling at me!  Ok, so it took me a minute to find my camera!

9  ::  I like it when my garden gives me an unexpected gift. My disastrous cutting garden of last year has yielded me some self-sown delights and I am going to cut, cut, cut them in the hope of them lasting.

10  ::  I like having a tiny wren make a nest and hatch an egg in the nest box tucked inside my clematis. Although I wasn't expecting her to fly out into my face when I tentatively peeked in the other day!  I can see a tiny baby in there - all big beak and eyes!

My dislikes...

...hmmm, where to start...

1  ::  I don't like ferries.
2  ::  I don't like cleaning.
3  ::  I don't like pessimists.
4  ::  I don't like getting up in the morning.
5  ::  I don't like being cold.

Can I opt out of the last bit where I have to nominate 10 others and just say that if you fancy it, I love reading stuff like this!

Enjoy the sunny weekend ahead of us.  Today, I am baking 50+ cupcakes for No2's friends confirmation tomorrow, plus a bit of gardening, plus a bit of relaxing.


  1. I will think of you at 10:10 or 1:50 from now on.

  2. I like it when you show us marigolds x

  3. You are a gorgeous blogger for sure. And 50 cupcakes? V. impressive!

  4. great randomness. I don't like ferries either, they smell bad.....

  5. latte from a bowl....mmmm, lovely!

  6. That is a lot of cupcakes--wow!

    I love drinking coffee from a bowl, too. And even better with one of Pain Quotidien's hazelnut flutes!

    And what a wonderful creamy white jug.

    K x

  7. I love to see a photo of your hands - that make such beautiful things..

    and I am obsessed by bees - they are something of a totem for me..

  8. I like the list of things you like and I don't like ferries or being at sea! x

  9. I like your sense of colour (so bold and brave) and your beautiful flower photos and I like getting to know you better too! Good luck with those cupcakes!


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