Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dark and dramatic...

This will probably be my last tulip post of the year.  I just wanted to show the pots I planted outside my front door.  You may remember them from this post when they were in bud.

They are flowering spectacularly.

This deep, dark red is anthracite.

And this is Paul Schrer.

Velvety and almost black.

The last tulips in the back garden are coming to an end... the sweet-smelling Angelique...

...and a much, much less than before carnaval de Nice.

'til next year, my lovelies.


  1. Right, they're all absolutely stunning but that last one, the one that looks like those really special Dutch ones that cost a fortune a couple of hundred years ago - the one that looks like raspberry ripple and Rosa Mundi - that's my favourite.

  2. Beautiful! The pale pink one is fab :D

  3. You have certainly had some beautiful tulips this year. The last one and the rich almost black one are my favourites! x

  4. Beautiful, I do love them but didn't plant many this year so it's lovely to see yours.

  5. Beautiful. My few dark tulips seem to be the only ones still hanging in there...

    K x

  6. I adore that velvety black Paul Schrer

  7. They're all gorgeous! I'm jealous now! ;o) Lucy x

  8. Beautiful, just stunningly beautiful. Every year I wish I had planted more tulips.


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